Monday, May 11, 2009

Uki doesn't hang with me so much these days.

More hubby photos of Uki chillaxin' on the floor.
This is funny!!   ??
Hmm..  did this twice.  oh well!
There she is!  What a doll!  My husband had fun taking pics of her.  I have more but there is some problem with blogger again.  Anyone else have posting problems?  This is not as clear as I thought.  Hmmm
Isn't this the FUNNIEST photo ever??!!  She loves to sit like this!  Doesn't this mean that in dogs, they are happy?  She looks like a blonde from the backside????  What a doll!

French Braid Two Runs

Ooh, not too sure I like this seeing it in print now??!!  These are two runs of my FBQ that I am taking a class on.  The bottom is ooh, not so keen on it.  I like it when the pink comes in and the brown.  I will have to put really good separaters in tomorrow to make it come together and stand out.  Haven't decided now or I had decided and have now changed my mind to keep it open until I audition more fabs tomorrow.  I am on the second pink one of the third run now and have to have four completed.  Leftovers for tonight!  We bought Paul Blatt Mall Cop this afternoon for this evenings pleasure after dinner and homework (the kids, not me!).  Thanks for stopping by.  I have more posts...

French Braid Quilt

All my homework was done for last Tuesday's class. I have sewn two and a half 'runs' thus far. I hope to get a picture up by this evening. I have to have four runs of two repeats for tomorrow's class. We will then choose the sashing or frame fabric. Not sure yet. I know what I want but not sure what it is called. This has gone really well and it is such a cool technique! See you later!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy 13th Birthday my baby girl!

I had a picture of her when she was born but we took it out of the book years ago to make a copy and I can't find it anymore.  So, I took this Thursday morning as her last weekend of being in her first decade.  She is the coolest, most loving daughter.  I have been so lucky to have her in my life.  Mami te quiere Nena.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Oops!  Dropped my iron on our rug!!  Maybe, eh hmm..., we can get a new, eh hmmm, rug?  Or just do away with it???  Oops!