Saturday, October 31, 2009

We are back!

The kids and I went to Dubai for the weekend. We met up with an old friend of mine that I met when I was 12 years old. She and her fiance have never been to the Middle East and they are from Australia. She lived in the US for 33 years and has now relocated back to Oz. I babysat her two kids. Kate from the age of 2 and Nick when he came home from the hospital. The kids are now in their 30's!! It was so nice to see her and have her see me as a Mom!! She came with her fiance and he is absolutely lovely. They were so patient with my two kids and I never felt awkward or anything like that. I had to remind the kids that the reason we were there was for these two individuals and not for our usual go crazy in the malls shopping! They were great. We got a lot of sightseeing in and shopping. Lovely meals and not so much rest!! It was great.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How To Create a Google Account

Some people I know whom peruse my blog do not leave messages. They don't have an account with google or other providers or whatever they are called to leave a message. Well, I have done some searching and found out how to register for a or create a google account. I have one in order to use my Blog but don't use it for anything else.

Go to this link and it takes just a few minutes and remember to save your information in case you forget it between uses. I hope this helps!

It really is simple.

Once you have done it; LEAVE ME A MESSAGE telling me so and how wonderful you think my blog is!!

Gotta go and buy some paint finally!!

Uki 1009

OMG!! It took me aaaaaaagggggggggggeeeeeeeeessssss to upload this video! I tried so many different things that I don't know what worked in the end; which means that I did not learn anything. Ugggghh!!

Anyway, this is my beauty! It's rather a bit boring but I was determined to upload it. If you listen carefully, you will hear the little noise she makes when she turns to follow the light and jumps off the couch towards the end. She loves to play by following a light on the ceiling and especially if the light goes on the wall.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pure Decadence!

What's for dessert tonight? Take a load of this!!

I made homemade cookies and used an ice cream scooper so they turned out HUGE! Then, I put more cookie dough on the cookie after I nuked it. Then, roasted some marshmallows and put it together! Oh, My, God!! Too sweet and rich, but fun!

Got it from a book we found in Dubai...

Give it a try and see! Lots of lovely ideas. We LOVE Smores!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wordfull Wednesday

Today over at Chocolate on my Cranium's site; she is asking us:

What's In Your Name?

Well, I shall start with my birth name. I was born Diana Lorena Rodriguez. My paternal grandmother's name was Ofelia and my 'Papi' (dad) ADORED his mother so he wanted to name his second (and last) daughter Ofelia! My mom said no way. Not sure why. She liked Diana and so did he, so that is what I was named. Like Cocoa's complaint; I also had to correct people all my life on how to pronounce it. It is two syllables not three. Most American's or English speakers say it in three but I would rather have that than the English pronunciation! It is: dee-ah--nahh, not DIANE, DEANNE, DEANA, DIANA (like the English Princess). Ok. Lorena was a famous spanish language soap star that my mom loved. heehee...

Then, I changed my name to Alia when I met my husband and decided to convert to Islam. His entire immediate family (seven siblings including himself) each made a suggestion and he faxed it to me. He was here in Oman and I was still in St. Louis, MO. It was in his handwriting and he did not tell me who (it didn't matter as I had no idea who they were as far as personalities; but knew of them, of course) suggested what. There was a definition attached and for me more than any religious name or special meaning; I was looking for something that my poor parents could pronounce and that my friends could say easily!! This was in Arabic after all! I wanted something simple and I wanted to be first at something for once and therefore chose Alia. It means, 'exaulted, elevated, highest social standing'. Hmmm....I should have chosen 'Abla' as that means 'full figured'! heehee!!

So that is my story!! Thanks for stopping by...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I made a Book Cover for Ali - finally!

Well, it has taken me forever again to upload this and it is missing the picture from inside but damn!, I'm tired of waiting! I tried to pebble quilt this but it proved to be too much so I took it all out and then just used solid black for the inside pockets and used a red grosgrain ribbon for the bookmark.

Here is the missing photo! Now you can see the inside of the book cover. I'm really pleased with this. I did take out the knot at the bottom of the ribbon as Ali said he did not like that.

Here is the label that I put in on the right bottom side. I love it and more importantly, so does Ali!! Now, to make myself one!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween Table Runner 2009

Here is my Halloween Table Runner that I started on Tuesday. It took me five days! New record for me.
This is the first block. I had to do satin stitch around the faces to make them stand out more. My fabs were too busy I think.

This has a nice contrast but still a bit busy for me. You can see the stippling

The third and final block. It was fun.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Boo Quilt FINISHED in time for Halloween 2009!!

I was trying out the binding that I had made up and as usual, my math skills eluded me and I had to make more strips and join them for the binding. Not a big deal. I turned and found PEACHES!! on my quilt all out-stretched. Never saw Uki around this quilt. Perhaps the little pumpkins and ghosts scared her!! Within each black frame is a smaller purple one that is really nice but hard to see in my pics.

Here is my Boo Quilt that I started years ago and had come across a glitch. One of my big orange corners was wonky. It took a while for me to figure that one out. Fixed it. Then, it has been sitting and waiting patiently for me to put the binding on which I did yesterday and today! Woo Hoo!!

Here is the finished top. You can see little Ali's hands on the top holding it up for me so Momma could get a decent picture. It was fun fabric that I found in Dubai on Satwa Street. It was the best find for me and terribly exciting! The finished quilt measures: 36"x54". Very small.

This is the backing fabric that I bought in the States on a visit. I thought it was so darn cute! I tied the quilt, not happy...then I stippled the corners and sides and that was the very first time EVER that I stippled. I could see the top thread on the backing but decided it added to the design and got over it. It is fun.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bloggers Quilt Festival - 2009

Amy at Park City Girl is hosting what I believe to be the 2nd annual Quilt Festival.

I haven't shown anyone on blogland this quilt. I do love it so. It won 3rd prize at the 2004 Muscat Quilt Exhibition. You can see my little award there.

I saw it in a magazine from Australia. I loved it so much. It is called 'A Ribbon Pathway' and is a pattern by Eleanor Burns, an AMERICAN!! I loved the route to school every morning in the winter here in Muscat as it is like Spring back home in St. Louis, MO. Everything is in bloom and the weather is gorgeous. It inspired me to make a quilt and when I saw this pattern, I knew I had to make it. I ordered the fabrics online and had some already.

So, glad you stopped by and come back and have a look at what I am up to in my little part of the world.

edited: I decided that I did not like that the link was not any bigger than what is blogged so I went over to the wall and took some pics and am uploading them so you can see my lovely better!

It is morning here and still needed a light so the colors look more dim or duller than they really are. It really is a happy quilt!

Here is a close-up so you can see the quilting. I did like an echo flower in the white squares with the intention of this type of quilting (as was advised at the time) to take up some of the puffiness. I tend to make puffy quilts and it is not about the batting! I'm getting better though.

This is a view from one corner for you all to see that I used many bindings. That was FUN! and so that you could see my butterfly. All the fabs are floral except for one, a yellow one, it had bugs all over it. Very cute. I quilted frogs, inchworms, dragonflies, butterflies and ladybugs all over the edges.

There, I think I am happy with my additional edit of this post! Enjoy!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mystery Quilt/Summer Challenge 2009 FINISHED!!

OMG, OMFG!!! I can't believe that I am actually finished! This is the QUICKEST I have EVER put a quilt together from start to finish. I'm so proud of myself!

I have to say, I wasn't all that keen on it. Mystery quilts do that. You don't know what the end result is so you can't really place your fabs where you want them. Would I have done it differently; uh, yea! (How does one spell that word???).

I used variegated threads and the stippling really made me fall in love with it. I LOVE IT!! Amu insisted that I use green for the binding but I had a huge chunk of green on the backing and did not like the idea. Plus, I already made the binding of the main floral fabric and the mustard before I even started quilting it! I LOVE the way it looks for the backing. Now, I have TWO quilts in one! I used all the leftover blocks from cutting off the ends of this block. I ended up with little pinwheels and just love the creativeness of it all!!

The binding took me two days. I thought I was gonna die yesterday with the never ending-ness of it! I neglected house and home and Ali was REALLY bummed with me. Not sure what that was all about. He wanted to do something with me. I said we were watching a nice movie together (while I was sewing the binding on) but now the jealousy of quilts has bit him too! Dad holds the #1 spot. I did manage to cook breakfast for the kids and then again for my hubby. Then, while busy with the binding; I managed to cook lunch for the kids. Hubby did not want to eat. I also cleaned the downstairs bathroom and vacuumed so I guess, if you really look at it; I did not, not, not neglect house and home. YEAH!!!

And here is the quilt folded up and of course, my biggest fan, Uki. Awwww, how sweet!!! You can see in the middle how the binding changes. It measures 67"x84". Big. Amal has claimed it!

Now, off to deliver it and it will be submitted to be judged and displayed at the October Muscat Quilt Guild General Meeting.

Next on the list: Ali's book cover (bless him, he has been waiting so long!) and put the binding on my Boo Quilt so we can use it this month!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wordfull Wednesday...ok it is Thursday here!

Checked in on one of my favorite blogs Chocolate on my Cranium to see if we had a little baby yet and found this! I like this idea of posting a six word sentence to sum up my life. I read some of the others that played and they are all lovely; I came up with this:


Yep, not deep but it is you see. To me. For my life right now. It is all good.

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Gift for Shirly...

A really cool friend is leaving Oman. She is in my Book Club and is such an interesting and kind person. She hosted our last meeting and I just had to give her something! Handmade that is!! So, I made this and am so proud of it. She loved it and came over yesterday for a lovely visit and is USING it! That is one of the best feelings EVER!

The is the front of the cover. I put a label on it and I think next time I will put it inside the flap instead of outside. I really like it when I quilt them. This is a simple stipple. I'm getting better at this but still am perfecting it!

Here it is opened up. I love the fabrics! I have since learned that the grosgrain ribbon that I use for the bookmarks are not so good in that they slip. I think that I will continue to make homemade bookmarks as that feedback is better!

Here is my homemade label. I sewed around it as with time it will wear and fray. I still have to figure this one out too!

This is the 'personal' note on the back of the label.

Overall, I am really pleased with this. I'm spending more time on them than I should but am happy at their turn out.

Thanks for stopping by!

What a Bummer!

Hi all, no one has contacted me to 'play'. So, I therefore, shut the door to this missed opportunity and move on with my life!! Farewell....

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pay It Forward!


I was browsing my favorite blogs today and found this Pay It Forward thing and just LOVE the idea! So far, I am the first participant for my bud Laila. Check her site out and she is still waiting for two more of her blog readers to join. So, have a look at her very entertaining stories about her kids and her BEAUTIFUL quilts! Lovely fabrics and simple designs! I like this!

people, I need three of ya's to come forward and join in this fun. Read below for the details!

If you would like to receive a handmade gift from me, and are willing to make and send a handmade gift to three of your blog readers, please leave a comment to let me know and I will pick the first three that respond to me. I don't have that many!

Once you decide to be a part of the fun, you will receive something from me within 365 days. In turn, you will have 365 days to make something handmade and send to your blog readers... saying more or less the same thing as this post.

This is really exciting for me. I haven't won anything on blog land yet and have yet to join any virtual anything so this should get me started!!