Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hardanger Tutorials

Hardanger Tutorials
now featured here on my blog!

I made a very simple and basic tutorial on how to make Eyelets in Hardanger.  It was an interesting process!  I had made a video of Uki playing with marbles, which is the cutest darn tooting' thing EVER; but got my hands slapped because of copyrighted material.  So, I opted for my own voice on this one!  Anyway, I hope it helps people and my master grand plan (bahahaha) is to record them for myself because I keep forgetting those stitches!!!  

Friday, March 1, 2013

I got some gifts this week!

This was such a busy and sad week but happy too!  All in stride, right people?  

First Wendy left.  I did not know her very well but she was truly a kind soul.  Lovely woman.  At her surprise from the Tuesday group; she did not expect us but she had made a little sumpin' sumpin' for each one of us!

She said she remembered I said something about living here permanently (it's a seriously transient society here) and how I never received anything.  It's one of my gripes.  I do feel that I am always giving because I do and so many people come and go!  So, she must have made it a point and decided to make us all, not just me, a gift when she left, which was inevitable!

Well, last Tuesday, I went to Jo's and Corinne handed me this lovely little package!  I saw the intricate paper craft.  Then I saw the SELVAGE!  I was so excited!  Inside, I saw a block and a pattern for a Friendship Scrap Block.  So, nice!

This is the block.  It's so pretty!  I think those are Kaffe Fasset background anyway.

Then my friend Jean left Oman to go back to the UK.  I will miss her immensely.  Lovely, lovely woman.  This was taken outside our venue of the last Guild meeting last Saturday.  Safe travels mon amie!

Then my daughter comes home last night and brings me this loot!  She went to Sri Lanka for one week with the school.  It was a hard trip.  She got sick.  Stayed sick the whole week.  Poor thing.

 So that was my creative week, sort of.  I made mini quilt I need to blog about....