Monday, March 19, 2012

Uki love for the Hexie Project!

I've been working on my Hexie Quilt; only to come to the realization that what I have is NOT enough for the size I wanted!  I think I made it a bit wider than originally planned and I took out all the whites and browns and blacks.  Gee.....

I finished two rows of pink and was laying it down when it got some serious lovin' from my little Uki.  Enjoy.....

In the end, I found a different setting on my camera so the pics were much better.  After she left the Hexies; I rolled a marble at her but it jumped when it hit that metal piece on the floor, forgot the name, and hit her.  She was looking at me and held my gaze as if to say, "But whyyyyy Momma??" Why indeed would I hurt her!  She played for a while and then settled on her little quilt by my window.  She has taken to fold it over and lay her head on it.  So cute!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hexie Quilt Love...


I finally started piecing my many, many hexie pieces!!!

I am enjoying the process but am S.I.C.K. of blues!!  I have 3/4" hexies and am sewing 37 in a row and then joining the rows.  I'm just about finished putting all the blues together and can't wait to start the purples!

Shades of blue...

A shot as I am pulling out the papers...

The blue rows.  You can see on the upper right that I am sewing that row onto the body...

Folded up blues...

So happy to start with the purples!

A beautiful stack of what remains of my blues and the purples...

This shows some actual purples sewn in already!!


Uki approved, of course!  She's my biggest fan!

Thanks for stopping by!  I have finished one more row of purples and am finishing up my last row of purples and then we start with the pinks!!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

American Round Flag

It all started with this sketch...

Paramjeet has moved to town and we are so happy to have her here.  She is a very sweet person!  She was teaching one of her techniques to another woman and I had been invited to her lovely home.  I got the inspiration to make this little quilt for the School's Carnival for the American stall in the Food Fair section.  She patiently guided me along...

I had sewn all the lines down and was ready to start ripping the paper.

Alice and Paramjeet having a look at my work!  Cute pose!!

This was a sneak peek.

The final little quilt hanging on my studio door.

I love this little guy.  I learned a lot and LOVE this technique of Paramjeet's!

The little quilt ended up under some blue netting on the table which hosted baked goods at the Fair.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

School Quilt Final

As I started to put the sashing on; I had issues and so had to rip the stitches out!  Several times!

Here I had as much done as I could using the blocks that I had received.  I was waiting for many still.

After I got it back from Dubai; I hand sewed the label on.

Uki was helping me, of course!

I had to hand sew the sashing on to the Fiji block.  It turned out great!

Again, once the quilt was quilted and returned to me; I unfolded it to show those in the PTA and one of these roses went flying out!  I took it home and hand sewed the petals to the base fabric!

Here is the top half

The bottom half

The center left

The center right

Here it is all put together and quilted and Uki approved!!

She loved this quilt!

Here I am showing it off at the monthly guild meeting.

Finally, it was time for the big reveal at the school Carnival.  The men were hoisting it up.

Me with it at the school!

In its' final resting place in the school.

Thanks for going through this journey with me!  It was so very hard not to blog about it during the process!

Now I can show you what else I have been working on!