Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sorting Out My Fabric! Finally!!

Hi!  It's been a while since I have posted anything.  I have been busy working on several projects and I finally snapped with the disorganization of my fabric!  So....let the pictures tell the story!


This is just where I store the bulk of my fabric.  I have bins with scraps and after I attacked this bunch; I pulled a lot out to put into a new scrap bin made up of larger pieces.

I started with Pinks.  I folded the fabric selvage to selvage.  Apparently they come off the bolt like this.  You should get about 20"- 22" wide.

Then I started wrapping the fabric around my 6x24" ruler.

I folded or wrapped all the way.  I tucked in the raw edges if it was too short or overlapped a little.
Then I folded in half.

I decided to put the fabrics in Rainbow order.

Here are the purples.  Yeah, I realize that the Robert Kaufman is upside down!

I tackled the greens.  I had a LOT of greens so I had to make two cubby's worth of greens.  It's interesting this new way.  I can see every single piece of fabric I have and I can also see what I tend to buy more of!!!

Uki got up to pose with her favorite color!  Pink!  Love her little Lion Cut!!

TA DAAAAA.......
Honestly; I cropped the other half of the shelf out.  I have drawers and books and papers all over.  I still have a ton of work to do but the main stash of fabric is organized and finished and I'm so excited!  I enjoyed this process but also got very bored.  I enjoyed seeing what fabrics I have and remembering why I bought it and wondered why I bought some of them!!  Hahahahaha....

Stay tuned as I have some projects to finish.  I have deadlines and can not get to them until I finish my room.  It took me one week to get these mofo's in this shape!!!

Green (2)
Blue (2)
Brown/Beige (2)
White (2)

Who knew??

Thanks for stopping by!!!