Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sorting Out My Fabric! Finally!!

Hi!  It's been a while since I have posted anything.  I have been busy working on several projects and I finally snapped with the disorganization of my fabric!  So....let the pictures tell the story!


This is just where I store the bulk of my fabric.  I have bins with scraps and after I attacked this bunch; I pulled a lot out to put into a new scrap bin made up of larger pieces.

I started with Pinks.  I folded the fabric selvage to selvage.  Apparently they come off the bolt like this.  You should get about 20"- 22" wide.

Then I started wrapping the fabric around my 6x24" ruler.

I folded or wrapped all the way.  I tucked in the raw edges if it was too short or overlapped a little.
Then I folded in half.

I decided to put the fabrics in Rainbow order.

Here are the purples.  Yeah, I realize that the Robert Kaufman is upside down!

I tackled the greens.  I had a LOT of greens so I had to make two cubby's worth of greens.  It's interesting this new way.  I can see every single piece of fabric I have and I can also see what I tend to buy more of!!!

Uki got up to pose with her favorite color!  Pink!  Love her little Lion Cut!!

TA DAAAAA.......
Honestly; I cropped the other half of the shelf out.  I have drawers and books and papers all over.  I still have a ton of work to do but the main stash of fabric is organized and finished and I'm so excited!  I enjoyed this process but also got very bored.  I enjoyed seeing what fabrics I have and remembering why I bought it and wondered why I bought some of them!!  Hahahahaha....

Stay tuned as I have some projects to finish.  I have deadlines and can not get to them until I finish my room.  It took me one week to get these mofo's in this shape!!!

Green (2)
Blue (2)
Brown/Beige (2)
White (2)

Who knew??

Thanks for stopping by!!!


Jean(ie) said...

You've got quite and awesome stash going there! Love the color.Isn't it just fun to look at your stash and just enjoy the color???? Yum!

MeganW said...

lovely organization! isn't it invigorating to reorganize? i just did a bunch of that this weekend in my home and on my blog. :)