Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ali got a package from Japan! Uki is helping me!

Ali got a much anticipated package from Japan yesterday.  He got good grades in Arabic and he swindled 30OR out of his dad; which is roughly about $100.  Sucker!  I don't believe in that necessarily. I believe in reward, in moderation.  Anyway, I ended up ordering on the net and it is gonna kill me.  He did so much research and picked out the few things he wanted but Amazon sends out several packages.  The way I have my mailbox set up in NY is to send over here to Muscat three times a week and it is just gonna kill me.  However, the package from Japan did not cost any additional monies and it got here in a week.  I snapped this pic just to show him setting up the photo for me.  He is a swindler but a doll!

He got some Bakugan thing and a cute note from a little boy and some favorite Japanese treats.  We tore through them!

Then, I started working on a little project, another mug rug for who knows?  Eminem?  Haha.  I'm still jammin' to him and love him.  Back to reality; I found Uki at my sewing machine again.  This time, her motive was not hangin' with me...

It's these little annoying flying-looking ants.  They have been swarming my sewing room lately.  Perhaps because we have the windows open!?

Look closely, can you see it???

Yep, on the foot!  On the right hand side.  Little buggers.  Go Away!

Washing Machine D.E.A.D!

I bought a new washing machine today.  I was so happy to find, after my first choice was not in stock, a full sized American top loading washing machine at the second location I went to.  I have to say goodbye to my White-Westinghouse machine of 10 years and will be welcoming in my new full sized Whirlpool tomorrow morning.

For weeks I kept staining our clothes and could not figure it out.

Where the water comes out to fill the tub or basin, it is corroded big time and little bits of rusted mess were falling onto the clothes...

Little bits all over the place...

Here is what I saw a few times before I figured it out.  I thought I was a genius too!  My  husband just rolls his eyes as it was mainly his white dishdashas (long dress-looking outfit Omani men wear) and his undergarments which are all white.  Bummer...heehee sneer and snicker here!

Yep, I think you get it.

And here is the clincher.  The tub won't empty during the lock and spin cycle or whichever cycle it is supposed to.  I have been doing heavy duty hand laundry and have to dry it two and three times in the dryer as I can't wring it enough!

So, now you know.  Stay tuned as my new machine will get a primo spot on my blog!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mug Rug Swap Finished!

Do you know how HARD it has been for me to be quiet on this subject?  REAL hard!

I joined this mug rug swap on the net and have been having anxiety and fun over it!  I got partnered up with a gal, she remains anonymous still, as it is a secret swap and I am sending my package to my Mama in Ohio with a friend that is leaving Oman tonight.  I don't trust the Omani Postal Service, sorry!

Anyway, here are some pics of it.

She likes many things; but what I got out of what she liked that I could deliver were these things:  Red and aqua. However, I realize this is more teal now!  She likes hexagons and log cabins and yes, I screwed up my log cabin darn it!  Still, I love it!

Here is a shot at the back.  I hand quilted it and tried to make it flow nicely.  I got this crazy new technique on binding for little projects.  I went ahead and used the same DMC floss that I quilted with to finish the binding.  Usually, you can't see my binding thread.  Ever.  I sorta (after the fact now, huh!) like the hand done look on it.

Got my label in there!

My favorite tool to hand quilt with these days?  A piece of scotch tape on my middle finger!  heeheehee...

It works!  Really!

I have the whole loot of stuff that I sent but my battery died and is charging now.  I will come back and show you!

Off to pick up Amal from after school activities and then off to Maya's to drop off this package.  Then, I'm making baked chicken strips dipped in buttermilk (marinating over night) and egg white and rolled in parmesan cheese.  I shallow fried it in Olive Oil last time.  I'll be making a rocket salad and then baked sweet potato (from America!!) fries!  Oh man, I'm hungry now!

Did I tell you that I am completely and totally engulfed in Eminem's new album?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Pin Cushion Custom Order

Remember this post?  I feel so bad that it has taken a nudge from Cindy for me to get this on my blog!  So sorry!  Can you all believe it is already almost the end of January, 2011???  My oh my!

My daughter and I opened our surprise gifts on Christmas day and this is what we opened!!

Oops, first off, here is little Uki on her lamb skin watching the rain fall.  The window was open and the air conditioner was running but the noise of the rain perplexed the girls!  I made too much noise when I sat and prepped the camera so she is looking at me.  Darn the luck as she was intensely watching the drops of rain!

Here are the pin cushions that I had custom ordered from Cindy at the link above.  I asked for little sayings, soft colors namely pink and green and my daughter's name which is AMAL, which means HOPE in Arabic.  She got the Hope in there!

Then, my theme was coffee!  Imagine that!

Here is a close up of her Hope bit.

Here is a close up of my 'coffee'...

This is Amal's backing.  So pretty!

Here is a close up of my backing!  Love the coffee beans!!

Here is a shot of both backings!

Thanks for stopping by.  I have entered an internet Mug Rug Swap and have completed mine and need to blog about that!  No work has been done on the Mystery Quilt so I need to get busy on that front too!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My First Digital Scrapbook Page!

My first digi-scrapped pag!!  Oh, I see many more of these coming!  Once you understand the program, which is Picasa, and which I do all my photos after iPhoto; it becomes easier.  Well duh me!  Of course it does!  There is still so very much to learn and with the help of this amazing gal; I'm on my way!

I'm a little reticent though because I like to journal a lot!  I'm writing to myself in 50 years and I won't remember anything so I like to put down everything!  So, stay tuned actually because the more I look at this layout; I need one photo out or some journalling block. to go and figure that out!

Now, I'm off to eat a very late breakfast!  I'm making my favorite South Beach soup, Taco Soup.  Mmmm....

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mystery Quilt 2010/11 Update

This was the cutting and labeling of the first clue way before the winter break for the kids.

This is the 1st clue.  I know it is the outside border.

I think this is the side and therefore you can see that the border has a continuous flow.  Not sure though.  I will have to wait to find out!

When I was cutting my blue fabric for the 2nd clue; Uki just had to help me!  Gosh, I just wanna squeeeeeeze her!

I am in the process of cutting for the 2nd clue but Ali was hanging out on my table so did not get it all done.  Stay tuned!

Selvage Sewing Caddy!

I made this little sewing caddy and finally finished it!  It is made of selvages and I love it!

Here is the back of it opened up.

I am using my classic red for the zipper in honor of my Mom.  It is her favorite color and I miss her!  She was supposed to come to Muscat this past winter but couldn't in the end.  My best friend came from St. Louis though!  I am not sure how functional this is yet.  I think the seam ripper pocket is good.  I feel the pin cushion is too small.  I have three other pockets and the capacity to put two spools of thread on.  Thanks to Susan at FlossieBlossoms for inspiring a much neater and easier way to attach the hair tie for the spools.  I just looked at my sewing caddy she sent and got the idea.  I really do appreciate it.  I need to work on my finishing skills and that is what I learned from this little project!  Yay!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

I drove to Dubai with the kids for the first time in 16 years here in the Middle East!  Yay!

We welcomed my friend from University and her two kids.  Here Waqar, my husband is taking Seth to golf.

We jumped in a taxi to go somewhere.  Forgot now!

Here we are on New Year's Eve.  We took the train to the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world) to watch the fireworks but it was crazy so we headed back to the hotel tout suite!

Here are Eden and Amal at the Burj on our tour on New Year's Day.  (U2's diddy comes to mind!)

Liz, Eden and Seth up in the Burj Khalifa.

On our way back to Oman, we stopped and went camel riding and quad biking!  That is Ali in the green and the girls on the camel.

Waqar and Ali on the quads and the girls on the camel.

Ali and I posing with 'Joshi' the camel.

On the way back to Muscat in what takes about 4 hours to 5 hours driving took us over 11 hours as I got a flat tire on my car (we had two cars) right when I crossed the border.  Here is Eden, Ali, Liz and Seth enjoying the weather and some cupcakes from Dubai while we waited for Waqar to fix the tire.

Here is Waqar with the spare, a cup cake and a cigarette.

My car is seriously damaged and I don't look forward to learning what that is.  We think the guy who patched the tire screwed something up majorly and we are waiting to put the car in the dealer to see what is wrong.  I have a rental until tomorrow.

This is from the rooftop of my house.

Eden fell in love with my 'outdoor' kitty, Oreo.

In Muscat we went snorkeling and on a tour of Old Muscat and saw the Palace and other things.  We went rock climbing and to a couple of beaches.  It was so much fun these last three days here.

We are waiting for my husband and then we are all off to the airport to drop them so they can begin their long journey home.  It was such a great time to be together in Dubai and Muscat with them!  Come again!

Tomorrow I will be back with the update of my Mystery Quilt before the long week away!  Then, I have to get the kids ready to go back to school on Saturday after three weeks off for Winter break!  Yay!  I have two days left with them and will be cooking back on the South Beach diet and hangin' with my babes!  

Hope your New Year has been as wonderful as mine!