Sunday, January 30, 2011

Washing Machine D.E.A.D!

I bought a new washing machine today.  I was so happy to find, after my first choice was not in stock, a full sized American top loading washing machine at the second location I went to.  I have to say goodbye to my White-Westinghouse machine of 10 years and will be welcoming in my new full sized Whirlpool tomorrow morning.

For weeks I kept staining our clothes and could not figure it out.

Where the water comes out to fill the tub or basin, it is corroded big time and little bits of rusted mess were falling onto the clothes...

Little bits all over the place...

Here is what I saw a few times before I figured it out.  I thought I was a genius too!  My  husband just rolls his eyes as it was mainly his white dishdashas (long dress-looking outfit Omani men wear) and his undergarments which are all white.  Bummer...heehee sneer and snicker here!

Yep, I think you get it.

And here is the clincher.  The tub won't empty during the lock and spin cycle or whichever cycle it is supposed to.  I have been doing heavy duty hand laundry and have to dry it two and three times in the dryer as I can't wring it enough!

So, now you know.  Stay tuned as my new machine will get a primo spot on my blog!

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