Saturday, February 26, 2011

Giveaway Time!

Pop on over to here to Leona's blog until March 6th for a chance to win big!  She has gotten Kathy Davis to offer a wonderful giveaway!

Good luck!

Friday, February 25, 2011

The ABA International Food Fair 2011

Hi!  Wednesday night was the annual international food fair for the kid's school.  Two years ago, when we started at the school, I volunteered by baking food and working the table the actual night.  It was fun and I made a nice friend from that experience.  A year later, I opted not to volunteer at the table but baked.  My cupcakes turned out so cute and the teacher that ran the table put some American flags on it and they went fast.  Unfortunately, I snapped a ligament in my knee and ended up in the ER that evening.  My husband was in Dubai and the kids were so bummed that I dealt with the pain and discomfort for 3 hours and practically had to be carried out of the school grounds.  Not a pretty sight.

So, this brings me to Wednesday.  The same gal that I met two years ago and the same gal that took me to the ER after sorting out the cars and the kids; volunteered with me to ORGANIZE this year's event!  She did a great job and heck, I think we both did a great job along with all the volunteers and helpers!  The only thing that became a bummer was that I lost a wrench to my cupcake tree.

All I ate all day was cookie dough and frosting!  I also managed to clean the house or at least the first floor!  These are golden yellow cupcakes with buttercream frosting.  I would have liked the blue to be a deeper and darker blue but, ok!

These are white cupcakes with buttercream frosting and red, white and blue stars from home.  Love my flags!  Got a gajillion of them over the summer.

These are red velvet cupcakes with homemade cream cheese frosting.  My God, it was G.O.O.D!  I used the same little star sprinkles and the flag.

close up

yet another close up!

This was 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies.  I put them in plastic with a tie and blue ribbon.  They did not sell at first.  I got worried.  I thought my little decorated basket was so cute!  Next time I do anything for a bake sale I will make them B.I.G and not wrap them up! Ha!!

Here is me in the red scarf, Paulina, Larissa and my Ali.  We were the main ones to work with others popping in to help.  I think I hit the jackpot with my two table cloths and my cupcake tree!  It really did attract people.

Here is our grill with the American Oscar Meyer Beef hotdogs.  I haven't had a hot dog for freakin' years and this was REALLY, really tasty!!  With the monies collected from the American community, we were able to indulge in them as well as other items needed!  I got my husband's friend that has a bakery to donate 250 hot dog buns which was so very nice!  Thank you!

Paulina is Larissa's daughter.  Here they are and my Ali prepping the hot dog table!  We had ketchup, mustard, sweet pickle relish and white sweet onions to serve!  It was awesome!

I remembered my scrapbooking 'training' and tried to get them to pose.  Pose they did!

We had been there since 4:30pm setting up and it went so quickly!  The gates were open to the public at 6pm and the bevy of volunteers that were running around in the light blue t-shirts trying to get us to sell early!  I felt so mean.

Ali put on the gloves that I brought and it was so cute!  He really pulled through for me or us or the American stall and I am so proud of him!  He ended up getting a tummy ache for a while but got over it.

One of the volunteers brought these cupcakes during the fair and I thought they were so very pretty!  She also had a smaller cupcake tree!

Ah, here we go.  My masterpiece!  I'm so pleased!  Larissa also made cupcakes and once these started moving, we filled the stand up with hers.  It was good and saved us some very valuable space on the table!

Some of the table setting.

We got a lot of brownies.  Lots more came later.  They always sell very well!

The USA sign is another summer purchase of mine but the flag was donated by one of the teachers.  I am not entirely happy with the set up so will make a mental note of figuring out how to hang this for the next time.

I don't recall what this was but I think I look nice!

More hot dogs.  Ali impressed me so much by putting the hot dogs in the buns and in a schwarma paper wrapper.  I thought that was brilliant!  It saved so much time!

Here is another look at our table before the posse came to buy!

I got grill duty for a short time!  I did manage to get away from the table and made it over to the French stall to say hi to my friend whom was working it and found the Spanish booth and got myself some Paella.  Holy Cow was that G.O.O.D!!!  The kids bought me items throughout the night too.

It was such a nice day.  I don't think I want to do it again next year as I really want to enjoy the evening! Thanks for stopping by as always and see you soon!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A block for a friend

I have been busy!  Really!

I am involved in a group project for a woman that has been here for several years.  She has taught many of us over the years and has always been very helpful.  I served with her for one or two years on the Muscat Quilt Guild Board.

When she announced that her daughter was getting married; one of the gals wanted to make a quilt for HER.  I was up for it!  The theme was Oman.  All things Omani.  We have made many of these quilts over the years for ladies that are leaving. Usually people have about a two year contract but it differs also.  The turnaround here is huge!  Anyhow, I did not want to paper piece.  I am bored with that whole scene as I have done this many times (the bummer of staying put!) so I wanted to make something more geared towards Patricia.

Two things I know about Pat.  She loves red, orange, yellow.  LOUD colors.  She loves bold, bright colors.  She loves coffee.

I am involved in a mug rug swap and a pin cushion swap so I found a few darling coffee cups but still, wanted it to be more Arab.

So, I tried and tried to draw one that I had in front of me and had to call in the artist child.  Amal drew it for me and then I chose the colors and got busy.  I also did the steam but she 'fixed' it.

This is my original sketch..

2nd attempt I might add!

It's blurry, sorry.  Amal came and rescued me!

I finished embroidering it the night before last but I felt something was missing.

So, I wanted it to have more of an Arab flair so I asked Amal to write 'KAHWA' which means coffee in Arabic.

I like it!

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned as I will post the finished quilt!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sherbet Pips Giveaway!

Hi, Hop on over to Moda Bake Shop to see a really fun quilt made by Lynne over at Lily's Quilts.  She is having a giveaway of the much anticipated SHERBET PIPS layer cake by Aneela Hoey.

Her Hexagon Park quilt is really sweet too.  Lots of possibilities with this one!  Good Luck!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Friends Mini Quilt

Ooh, I think I have found something new to work on!  Mini quilts!  I have found so many and have gotten so many ideas!

I used some leftover fabric from my Mug Rug Swap 3 project and made this. 

My two little friends.  It came about because in Flickr-land, birds are everywhere.  Some are really darling.  This is my attempt. I have to put a kitty in there somewhere, hence this 'Friends' quilt.  I made a huge mistake and it is found above the birdie.  My fabric buckled and I don't know how to fix it.  Can it be fixed?  I try so hard and still make mistakes.  I wanted to try circle quilting but was so bummed I stuck to stippling.  I did good too.  Except for on top of the birdie... ugh...

Here is the back.  I just realized that I did not put on a label yet.  Also, I learned that at the bottom there is an oil stain from a dirty machine!  Shame shame!  It came off on the bobbin thread.

Just another brighter view.  I feel that something is needed on the tail of the kitty as it slipped when I ironed it on.  This little quilt is simple but I feel it needs something still.  If you look closely, you will see that I hand embroidered FRIENDS in the banner. 

 I was going to send this to someone but just can't now as it has this mistake.  I will take this as a learning curve.

Positive points: 

I love my binding.  I think it turned out just right and will stick to this way.
My quilting is the smallest stippling I have done and I'm pleased with it!
I like the basics of my designing.  It was fun.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A giveaway! Come join in the fun!

Want this?  I do!  Good luck!

Stop on over here.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An amazing quilter!

Uh, this brought a tear to my eye!

Ali made dinner the other night!

Hi!  How ya doin'?

I am such a proud mama.  My Ali started a Junior Chefs program at the local culinary institute!  Amal, my daughter, starts this Thursday.  Remember, the weekend here is Thursday and Friday!  So, I took Ali last week to his class and he was so good because at 12 years old; he wasn't so happy going solo without a friend or knowing anyone there.  I wasn't worried because he is easy going, helpful and would be fine.  He was also a little worried because his age group is from like 8 to 12 and he is 12.  He towers over everyone even the teachers!  As soon as we walked in he saw a friend.  He went right over to her and said hi.

Ooh, this is off topic a little bit, but I have to tell you all!  About two weeks ago, he was invited to a little boy's birthday party.  He was also turning 12.  He did not want to go and I talked and talked and talked to him trying to encourage him to go anyway.  He stated that no one likes this guy.  He is new to the school.  He is different.  None of his friends were going.  He was feeling so bad for feeling like this.  He had me thinking the kid was green and with things growing from his forehead.  But nevermind, I have a very animated head.

He decided to go for the kid's sake and no one elses.  I said he might get to know this kid (picturing in my head that Ali was one of like two kids there) better or meet someone new.

Boy!  You could hear the noise level from the entrance to the compound!  There were SO many kids there from his old school, new school and neighborhood!  When Ali was getting out of the car, the kid saw him and his face lit up and he screamed, "ALI!  You're heeeeerrrreee!!"  That made my night and so I did not get mad when I ended up going in circles trying to get home!

Ali had the BEST time!  He did not get to spend much time with this kid but there were some girls from his class that he had a great time with.  And...he met a FOURTEEN year old girl from the British School!  Ooohhh..

This kid was in his cooking class!  So, he was very happy.  She is Scottish!

Now, welcome to my world of gab, gab and gab!  Such a long story just to tell you about this other kid in his class.

Wow, this is long!  Ok.  So, he was a little bummed when I picked him up.  There were a few things and I was all ears but pass me the grub man!  The kids, in three hours, made peach cobbler's in tiny cupcake cases.  They made these fish and potatoe things.  We often have these during Ramadan (the Holy month of fasting for Muslims).  The best part, they get to take it all home!

Two nights ago, I wasn't feeling so well again and he decided that he wanted to make these fish things.  I suggested instead of using the Hammour fish, that he should try canned tuna.  More flavor.  The ones he made at school were bland.

oh, oh, I forgot to mention that we got to class late and he did not get a recipe booklet.

So, back to the other night.  He got in the kitchen and I stressed to him that cleanup before and after was the key to Mami being happy.

Good God Almighty!  This kid, without a recipe, and from memory made these 'kabob's' PERFECTLY!  He did not hurt himself frying, first off.  He made a huge mess but cleaned it all up.  Ok, so I had to go after him and re-wash the frying pan and a couple of other pots.  I did not tell him.  He was so cute!  He got the taste perfect.  Just enough salt, coriander and lemon to enhance the flavor of the tuna and potatoes!  The bread crumbs stayed on and did not segregate (like my fried chicken when I made it at 12) and they were golden brown, nothing burned!

Once the kitchen was cleaned up, I got in there and made a salad.  I used spinach and gargar, ooh, what is that in the West?  Rocket?  Peppery green leafy thing.  Anyway, I put walnuts in too with cucumber, feta cheese, salt and pepper, tomatoes and chick peas.  Oh, here you go.  Here is a picture!

It took me a bit to figure out why they were so big!  He got bored making them smaller!  They should be smaller but we enjoyed them so much!  Unfortunately, my orange was dead inside!  yuk!

You can see my pin cushion WIP there with my Mystery Quilt paperwork!

Thanks for hanging out on this one!

Oh, P.S., he is SO excited to go to class this coming Thursday!  

Pin Cushion Fun!

What does one do when not feeling so well?  They make pin cushions!

I ordered one of the most darling pin cushion kits from Penny at Sewtakeahike and she sent it off to me and I got it within a week I think and then it sat for a day or so and then I couldn't understand the directions until I actually started working on it and it was a breeze and then I made this beauty!

Thank you Penny!  I love it and my kids love it and said it is the best pin cushion EVER!

Have a lookie:

I wanted to try to post a nice picture of this and thought of the outdoors and my Dessert Rose bush that is in full bloom.  It is so pretty, the roses.  We have fuschia ones.  They come in white and peach I'm told.  You can see the base I painted blue.

These are definitely the smallest hexies I have ever worked with.  I worked on these hexagons all by HAND!  This was a kit so the fabs were so cool for me to play with.  I have the head of a cute little robot; I cut off the elephant that was so adorable and got his underside!  The fishy takes center stage and I had a vintage cowboy that I lost almost completely!  You  might be able to see his horse.  The other cutie is the little girl.  I love the VIC part because my husband's name is WAQAR.  In Pakistan, they spell it VIQUAR.  His sister sent him some photos before we ever met and called him VICKY.  So, I have been calling him Vicky since.  He told me he doesn't like it.  I won this battle because he was calling me, lovingly, things like:  Pinky, Fatty, Chunky, Girl, and other things.  I couldn't call him Baldy as that would be just too cruel so I started calling him Vicky.  He stopped all those other nicknames and sticks to Honey but I still call him Vicky.  Maybe because I can pronounce that one!

Anyhow, the VIC part is kinda fun for me.

I just wanted you all to see more of the Dessert Rose.  So pretty!

This was fun to make once I understood the directions.  They are spot on it is just that I am not good with math or with reading directions (except for cooking!).  I struggle.  I persevere and lookie what I got!!

Thanks for stopping by as always!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blogger Question...

Hi!  I have been paying attention to other blogs in blogland and noticed that not many people put out their comments on their sidebar like I do.

What do you do for your comments?  I tried at one point not to have them on the sidebar and never saw my comments.  Is there a way to have all comments go into your email inbox?

How do you have it sorted?  Or set up?


PS.  I got a box of goodies yesterday from my bestie as a thank you and she sent me a box of freakin' DING DONGS!   I am in heaven and have seen almost a split personality type of mine in the sense of hoarding and not sharing!  So not like me!?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New machine here and working hard! Yay!

Ah, the messy bits of life, as Robin Williams character in 'Good Will Hunting' said...

the everyday, mundane bits...


Especially love the flag.  I don't wanna take that off just yet!  There is a blue film on the control panel too that needs to come off.  Probably when it has about and inch of dust!  Just sayin'...

This machine doesn't keep pouring water as you put the clothes in like my old one.  There.  I did it.  I'm done.  No more comparing to the old model.  I will learn this machine and appreciate all that it does and will do for me for many years to come.  Amen.

This isn't even the half of it!  walks off in oblivious horror with what is to come....