Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pin Cushion Fun!

What does one do when not feeling so well?  They make pin cushions!

I ordered one of the most darling pin cushion kits from Penny at Sewtakeahike and she sent it off to me and I got it within a week I think and then it sat for a day or so and then I couldn't understand the directions until I actually started working on it and it was a breeze and then I made this beauty!

Thank you Penny!  I love it and my kids love it and said it is the best pin cushion EVER!

Have a lookie:

I wanted to try to post a nice picture of this and thought of the outdoors and my Dessert Rose bush that is in full bloom.  It is so pretty, the roses.  We have fuschia ones.  They come in white and peach I'm told.  You can see the base I painted blue.

These are definitely the smallest hexies I have ever worked with.  I worked on these hexagons all by HAND!  This was a kit so the fabs were so cool for me to play with.  I have the head of a cute little robot; I cut off the elephant that was so adorable and got his underside!  The fishy takes center stage and I had a vintage cowboy that I lost almost completely!  You  might be able to see his horse.  The other cutie is the little girl.  I love the VIC part because my husband's name is WAQAR.  In Pakistan, they spell it VIQUAR.  His sister sent him some photos before we ever met and called him VICKY.  So, I have been calling him Vicky since.  He told me he doesn't like it.  I won this battle because he was calling me, lovingly, things like:  Pinky, Fatty, Chunky, Girl, and other things.  I couldn't call him Baldy as that would be just too cruel so I started calling him Vicky.  He stopped all those other nicknames and sticks to Honey but I still call him Vicky.  Maybe because I can pronounce that one!

Anyhow, the VIC part is kinda fun for me.

I just wanted you all to see more of the Dessert Rose.  So pretty!

This was fun to make once I understood the directions.  They are spot on it is just that I am not good with math or with reading directions (except for cooking!).  I struggle.  I persevere and lookie what I got!!

Thanks for stopping by as always!


nima said...

wow...lovely pincushion...

Anonymous said...

that is absolutely adorable! Love it. I can appreciate the handwork that went into the pincushion.

That rose bush is pretty too! Have a great day!

sewtakeahike said...

Hi Alia,
Thank-you so much for letting me know you recieved the kit and finished it so quickly! I love how it turned out and the story about "vic". Your photos of it turned out lovely! I'm longing for spring and summer as it's snowing madly here right now!

Di2Quilt said...

I've been eyeing this pincushion since the kit came out. Your turned out beautifully. LOVE your plants!

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

Di2Quilt: Thank you so much! I had been eyeballing it to for a while as sewtakeahike is on my sidebar and when she cut new kits out I just tap tap tapped my way over and am so glad! It really is a conversation piece! It makes me feel good to see it! You should go and order one. Your'e outside the US as well aren't you??

susan said...

love your pinnie! penny is fabulous isnt she? i still havent bought this pattern, but its on my list!!
your desert rose is so lovely. i really like those shiny smooth leaves.

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

thank you Susan!