Friday, February 25, 2011

The ABA International Food Fair 2011

Hi!  Wednesday night was the annual international food fair for the kid's school.  Two years ago, when we started at the school, I volunteered by baking food and working the table the actual night.  It was fun and I made a nice friend from that experience.  A year later, I opted not to volunteer at the table but baked.  My cupcakes turned out so cute and the teacher that ran the table put some American flags on it and they went fast.  Unfortunately, I snapped a ligament in my knee and ended up in the ER that evening.  My husband was in Dubai and the kids were so bummed that I dealt with the pain and discomfort for 3 hours and practically had to be carried out of the school grounds.  Not a pretty sight.

So, this brings me to Wednesday.  The same gal that I met two years ago and the same gal that took me to the ER after sorting out the cars and the kids; volunteered with me to ORGANIZE this year's event!  She did a great job and heck, I think we both did a great job along with all the volunteers and helpers!  The only thing that became a bummer was that I lost a wrench to my cupcake tree.

All I ate all day was cookie dough and frosting!  I also managed to clean the house or at least the first floor!  These are golden yellow cupcakes with buttercream frosting.  I would have liked the blue to be a deeper and darker blue but, ok!

These are white cupcakes with buttercream frosting and red, white and blue stars from home.  Love my flags!  Got a gajillion of them over the summer.

These are red velvet cupcakes with homemade cream cheese frosting.  My God, it was G.O.O.D!  I used the same little star sprinkles and the flag.

close up

yet another close up!

This was 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies.  I put them in plastic with a tie and blue ribbon.  They did not sell at first.  I got worried.  I thought my little decorated basket was so cute!  Next time I do anything for a bake sale I will make them B.I.G and not wrap them up! Ha!!

Here is me in the red scarf, Paulina, Larissa and my Ali.  We were the main ones to work with others popping in to help.  I think I hit the jackpot with my two table cloths and my cupcake tree!  It really did attract people.

Here is our grill with the American Oscar Meyer Beef hotdogs.  I haven't had a hot dog for freakin' years and this was REALLY, really tasty!!  With the monies collected from the American community, we were able to indulge in them as well as other items needed!  I got my husband's friend that has a bakery to donate 250 hot dog buns which was so very nice!  Thank you!

Paulina is Larissa's daughter.  Here they are and my Ali prepping the hot dog table!  We had ketchup, mustard, sweet pickle relish and white sweet onions to serve!  It was awesome!

I remembered my scrapbooking 'training' and tried to get them to pose.  Pose they did!

We had been there since 4:30pm setting up and it went so quickly!  The gates were open to the public at 6pm and the bevy of volunteers that were running around in the light blue t-shirts trying to get us to sell early!  I felt so mean.

Ali put on the gloves that I brought and it was so cute!  He really pulled through for me or us or the American stall and I am so proud of him!  He ended up getting a tummy ache for a while but got over it.

One of the volunteers brought these cupcakes during the fair and I thought they were so very pretty!  She also had a smaller cupcake tree!

Ah, here we go.  My masterpiece!  I'm so pleased!  Larissa also made cupcakes and once these started moving, we filled the stand up with hers.  It was good and saved us some very valuable space on the table!

Some of the table setting.

We got a lot of brownies.  Lots more came later.  They always sell very well!

The USA sign is another summer purchase of mine but the flag was donated by one of the teachers.  I am not entirely happy with the set up so will make a mental note of figuring out how to hang this for the next time.

I don't recall what this was but I think I look nice!

More hot dogs.  Ali impressed me so much by putting the hot dogs in the buns and in a schwarma paper wrapper.  I thought that was brilliant!  It saved so much time!

Here is another look at our table before the posse came to buy!

I got grill duty for a short time!  I did manage to get away from the table and made it over to the French stall to say hi to my friend whom was working it and found the Spanish booth and got myself some Paella.  Holy Cow was that G.O.O.D!!!  The kids bought me items throughout the night too.

It was such a nice day.  I don't think I want to do it again next year as I really want to enjoy the evening! Thanks for stopping by as always and see you soon!


Laila said...

Great stuff, looked like heaps of fun and love your top BTW!

Anonymous said...

Red is a great color for you! you look awesome in red.

Those cupcake look so delciious. And the cupcake tree... what a great idea! Love it!

And who could resist a grilled Oscar Mayer hot dog... YUM!

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

Laila: Thank you! It was fun! Lots of hard work but anything worth doing is doing right! Love the top of my blog or my shirt? Thank you!

Lois: Thank you! I felt like I was a bit 'loud' as I had sooooo much make-up on too! I had red, red lips! The cupcakes were good! The tree was a big hit! The dogs were so delicious but a pack of 8 costs almost $7! That's crazy right? Maybe they are that much back home and I am unawares!

Sandra W said...

Hi Tia, that looked like so much fun. You and Ali need to send me a cupcake (or 2) airmail :)

Sandra W said...

Hey Sis, you looked really good in your RED doo! Everything looked very yummy. I recognized many of the goodies that you bought in Clev! Thanks for sending the note to look.

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Excellent job Alia! Next year let us know via your blog when its on. xxx