Sunday, September 28, 2014

My new long desired TV tray ironing board!

Hi all!  I got to do a little crafting today with the help not Uki but my husband!  I've been to the States and back and brought back a TV tray with me. I also brought back a cold that I'm just feeling better from!!

I chose my fabrics and batting and got busy cutting to a bevy of tutorials out there!

I used two pieces of batting and one piece of InsulBright all 1.5" larger than my table. 

The Strawberry Riley Blake fabric was supposed to have been cut 3" larger but gee, I screwed up there. 

It was tough to get the fabric turned over but we managed.

I ended up using my pinking shears to cut the edges to keep the fabric from unraveling. 

Then, the man walks in and starts playing with my gun. He realizes it's not working. After taking it apart...

It turns out I loaded the staples incorrectly. Insert big smile here. 

My husband's first shot!  On my project!!

My turn!  You know, that was the most beautiful stapled item I've ever done!

Until he deemed it was not good and took it out. Insert frowny face!

Once I got the hang of it, he continued on and I was tickled at his excitement. We women rock. We carry a bean for 9 months. We let it hang on us for up to two years. We live for that child always and we can handle excited hubby's with our new toy that will help us strike something off our bucket list!  Don't forget these TV trays are not sold in Oman.  I had to break it down and squeeze it in my suitcase and drag it home. Just reminding you. 

I also brought a woman's tool kit in pink and black!  He was granted permission to hammer the staples in!  He approves and is charmed that I brought that too from the US of A!

Ta-da!!!  My strawberry TV tray ironing board with my brand new matching iron!!

Thanks for stopping by.