Friday, July 31, 2009

Chatty Crafter's Morning last Wednesday


Here is lovely Isra from Sew2bhappy showing my Amal some basics of sewing. She set up this little area with her sewing machine and a bucket of scraps! Thank you Isra!

Here is another shot of them working together. I felt so happy!!

There is the bucket of scraps! My oh my! I wish I could have jumped in! Amal LOVED the Farmer's Market ones!

Here is Mayya from sewchicandunique! I should have taken a photo of giving her the giveaway that she won from this site! Darn! Having said that, masha'allah Mayya, you are very photogenic!

Here is Laila from laila-timefortea. She is on the phone. Laila was ahead of the three of us where Isra was helping us plus Amal. It was such a lovely morning.

This is what Amal made on Wednesday! A cell phone cover for her; and lipstick case for me and and iPod holder for me! You go girl!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sewing Machine Cover and Catch All Thing

Hi All,

Mayya over at Sew Chic and Unique has a Sew It group. They made a Thread Catcher and I thought that I would post my project that was made a long time ago with some other friends. The difference with mine is the added sewing machine cover to match and mine has more pockets. What mine does not have that I would love to have is a pin cushion, so I think that is clever! I also do not throw my threads in because of Isra's same complaint of not being able to get out the threads easily when it is time to clean.

It took me a while to figure it out as what I was given was my friend's actual piece and I suck at trying to figure out making patterns! Another friend came over and basically mapped out a way verbally for me and ended up making the thing herself. I had to close it up in the back and decided on my pockets and sewed that part up! Thanks Olga!

Anyhow, I look forward to the next Sew It project and hope to play along!

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ever Google Yourself?

Hey, I haven't started cooking dinner yet. I'm making Chicken Paprikash with homemade Spaetzle! Yummy!

I went into the garden to watch my hubby playing with his new remote (er hm...Ali's new remote) control helicopter and airplane. I wasn't interested in that action but the fact that he was wearing my daughter's very girly crocs. He is so funny that way!

So, then, I come back inside and am playing around on my friend Mayya's site trying to post to no avail and my daughter bangs on my window and asks me to come out.

We recently found out that Lizzie, our tortoise #1 loves, loves, LOVES, cauliflower! So, I took some pics of her chomping away.

We have slugs, hm...maybe I should photograph them too, but we put medicine down and Amal is outraged that it is near where the tortoises love to dwell. So, she pulled Flash, our tortoise #2, away and I took pics of her running back to her spot and caught the picture with her just diving in her dug out!

Then, Amu found a worm! Who knew? A worm in the Middle East! So, I photographed that!

Then, for some strange reason, I recalled that my BIL was telling me last night that he googled his name and up I came and he read an article about me and so I did the same and found this! Read up on me being the Classic Quilts and Quilting Featured Quilter of the Month from a few years ago. Any changes? Yep, had eye surgery and no longer wear the glasses! Don't wear that head scarf anymore either!

Giveaway Time!

A friend here in Oman is having her first ever giveaway.  Go and check out her site here and answer some questions to become eligible to win yourself!

Tell her I sent ya!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Reversible Quilt - DONE!!!

OMG!  Another project finished!  I'm so happy with myself I could do a dance and just might!

This is my Thanksgiving side.  Fall if you will.  Yes, I somehow manage to either cook or go to a Thanksgiving meal.  It is my favorite holiday.  My Mom was here last year for the first time in 14 years at Thanksgiving time and I was so happy, and we invited our Scottish friends (their first homemade one) to our house.  I have pictures on Facebook if you care to see, let me know.

The funny thing there was I offered for her to cook the turkey but she declined rather emphatically.  When I questioned her response she enlightened me that she has never cooked a turkey in her life.  Hmmm....I thought about it and that was my DAD'S or Papi, as we call him in Spanish, job!  Just a funny little side to a memory of mine!

This is the Christmas or those colors for the holidays!

This is a technique taken from the book "Reversible Quilts", by Sharon Pederson. However, the class that was taught here in Muscat was by a famous British Quilter named Lynne Edwards. What a delight she was/is!  I thoroughly enjoyed that! 

The only bummer on this is, if you all don't already know, I hurt my right forearm years ago with Hardanger, if I don't take it easy or if I do too much hand sewing, it hurts like hell for a long time.  Plus, my hubby has severe acidity in his tummy and has been asking me to make fresh ginger juice.  The pressing of it and scraping of it on the garlic press is killing my arm! That is why I gave up my love of hand quilting and am just now getting to the point where I am machine quilting.  Anyhow, I had to only finish the binding on this little baby but let me tell you, it is an extraordinary technique!  You do a double binding.  It finishes a bit thicker than I like but I go with the flow.  I was thinking I just might make it thinner if I ever attempt this technique again.

So, the sashing has to be sewn on one side and then hand stitched to the other side to complete it and then the binding.  Lots of hard time on my wee little arm.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Progress! She says as she nods her head up and down!

Well, I was a busy bee last night. I worked on my Hardanger while watching TV with the kids from the sofa and not my desk. I got a bit done but man, I COULD NOT SEE!! So, I had to whip out my walmart special from last summer and wear them and voila! I could see again! I got a lot done for me as Hardanger KILLS my right arm. It is a bit sore still as a result of the Raspberries and Chocolate binding. I must pace my handwork out....

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ali's Hardanger Frame

I started, FINALLY, on my new hardanger frame for Ali.  Hopefully, it won't take me a year! Here is a picture.  Thanks to my beautiful kids for behaving at Sandra's house and thank you to Maya and Sandra for helping me with the math and counting and unraveling or finding the end of my thread!!  I seem to have been making a huge mess of threads these days!!

It looks a mess and usually one doesn't have two threads going at once but, it's me after all!  See you soon!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ok, I'm still here...

Ok.  Went back and did another one.  It is just that that green nor the red stood out and I like things crystal clear.  Hmm...

I found this site that will help with all sorts of blogging goodness.  Check it out.  Now, I REALLY must get off this thing!

Yeah, Didn't like it....

Can anyone tell me how to put a video up on my blog?  Do I have to put it on you tube first?? I'm gonna try to upload one now....bare with me...

Nope, did not work and I am bored now.  See you all later!

New Signature...

Here it is!  Geez, this computer is running so slow today.  I know, I know, it is not the poor Mac but the Net!

Off to start a prototype block for Amal's quilt.  Then, off to in laws.  Then back to cinema to see Harry Potter!  Whew!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Logo for our little group here in Oman!


I have found a logo for us.  Look on the side bar and let me know what you think?  I will find a way to get it to you.  Or maybe you know.

Hope you don't mind but thought it was fun and if the color doesn't work for your site, just let me know.  I'll bring my comp on Wednesday to sort it out!

Have to go cook for dinner party tonight and get ready to play scrabble!

edit:  I got the name wrong, thanks for letting me know Isra, and have made the change.  I hope you all will like it.

And the winner is.......


Thanks to all those that participated!  I had fun doing this.  I will deliver it to you this Wednesday Mayya!

Bakugan Welcome! Ali is scaring me!

My darling Ali made a little welcome sign for his newly arrived Bakugan toys my mom sent in that package.

Here is his sign!  ;)

So very sweet!  He would have elaborated but ran out of time.  Who knew they were here!!?? Notice how he spelled babies!  

It is now 4:44am. I am going to bed!

I'M DONE!! I DID IT! First quilt finished in 2009!!

Ta da!!!  I finished my French Braid quilt last night/this morning.  I just took it out of the dryer and couldn't help myself and took pictures.  I know they could be better but seeing it is 3:33am on Wednesday, July 15th; well, this is what I got! 

I'm SO proud of me!!  I have renamed this quilt:  RASPBERRIES AND CHOCOLATE

Two of my girls.  This is when Amal got down and helped me baste the quilt.  I made the binding and was measuring it around when Uki made her appearance.

Here it is.  The finished top.

A close up of all the goodness!

This is the first time that I pieced my backing.  I really super like it! I can't keep Uki off it either.  Peach?  Where are you?

Here is my attempt at taking a photo of the binding.  I have since taken off those stray threads.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This is my last post for the day.

When we came home from, aw man, I gotta post about this!!  Tomorrow.  My kids had a class at PDO today and I will take pics and post tomorrow what they made.  After we left, we went to eat at the new New York 5th Street Deli and I almost passed out at the price.  I got tired and we went home and the kids put in Freej.

This is a delightful Arabic cartoon that is only shown on TV (maybe not anymore) during Ramadan.  After Iftar and praying, we sit down on the couches and watch this half hour show. It is about four old ladies in Dubai and they are sassy and funny!  The video has come out and has English subtitles and we enjoy it so much.  The kids understand so this is a good way to reinforce the Arabic that they have learned.  They don't follow everything but today Amu's back was to the TV and she was in my room and Ali was on the couch and they both started laughing really hard at the same time so I understood that Amu understood and that makes me feel so good.  Whew. 

Lots more to post tomorrow and now Amal wants 'tasmine rise' for dinner!

Off I be a good Mami.

Stay tuned....tomorrow something VERY exciting will be posted!

I GOT A BERNINA!!!!!!!!!!!

Dubai was a very successful trip.  I got lots of goodies.  I have been DYING to post this and tell you all that I DID get the Bernina Aurora 440. Thank you Vicky.  He doesn't read this!

Here it is...

I know, I have to get it out of the box still!  What am I waiting for?  A peaceful moment and space!


The coolest friend in the world. My hat is off to ya.  I love and miss you!

My Sweet Mami!

I ordered some toys for Ali for good grades. He did so well for switching from the Arab school system to the Western school system this year. He had to repeat 4th grade too as his birthday fell that way. So, Amazon uses many companies and I learned that by having ordered a bunch of stuff from the UK and the postage I paid for using Aramex just about killed me. So, I sent the entire order (8 different companies under Amazon) to my Mom and she gathered it all and asked if I wanted anything else and Amal wanted Noxema for her face so she sent it and it got here in four days and, and, and she sent me this....

Now you have to know this, when she was here in November, December, January and part of Feburary; she had this really, super cool mirror that I declared one could see their soul with it! I bought myself one at Home Center and it was only 5X magnitude. So, just as Ali was opening his box with such fervor, I declared that I would not even get a candybar but then he pulled this out for me and I got the joke. I hope you were able to follow with me! I laughed so hard so if you ever see this Mami, muchas gracias! Lo estoy usando todos los dias!!!

I think that the note: Para (for) Diana (my Christian name) Love ya (you know, she even used slang!) xo (you know) Mami (the Spanish spelling). I will treasure this post-it more than the actual mirror! I miss her!

Stay tuned!...

Giveaway News...

Hey All,

I have recently learned the difference between posts and hits to my blog.  I have a counter and was so worried that I was racking up numbers every time I get on my own blog to read comments or to edit or look around.  Well, since I had already announced a giveaway when I reached number 1000 on my counter, I will honor it.  However, once I have hit 500 posts (I'm on 145 including this one, heehee!) I will do another giveaway!  This one will be grander!!!  So, stay tuned and thank you to those whom left comments.

I will cut up some paper and write the names down (only four people played!!) ;( and have my baby girl pick out a name from a kuma (omani men's cap).  Ali is waiting for his uncle to come and pick  him up for the night.  I grabbed a photo from last October at my SIL's wedding.  That is part of my hennaed hand that is the photo in the main part of my blog.  This is my Ali in Omani dress.

Thank you to those that did leave messages and came to play with me.  Heck, I might just do another one at 250 posts!  

Monday, July 13, 2009

New Hardanger Project!

Hello to everyone, this is going to be a long post as again, I am trying not to rack up the hits. Who knows, maybe I will win this giveaway?  Naahh, don't worry!

I am trying to figure out how to write and then post the picture.  Sometimes I like to write and then post the pic but it always puts the pic first.  Hmmm....  So much to learn.

Yesterday I had a dynamic group of ladies come over for our weekly Hardanger meeting. Unfortunately, four dropped out at the last minute and only four showed.  I like a smaller group as I can fit them more comfortably in my living room.  My kids were stellar as always; but as always, got sent to their rooms for physically fighting some time after the guests left! Then, after we all calmed down, the trickled back down to me.  We do like being together.  

Ok.  I hope to post a picture of my new Hardanger project next:

Ok.  I had to cut and paste the text.  Typical that I posted the pics backwards again!  Anyway, here is my ready to start on Hardanger fabric.  I am making Ali a frame.  I had made Amal that pink and white pillow but we are afraid that Peaches will claw at it.  If she does, you KNOW Uki will! 
Just showing you all how I have to zigzag the raw edges or they will be all frayed off by the time I get the Hardanger embroidery done!
 I took the pattern out of this book above.  I still had my stuff strewn all over the table so took a quick picture while the kids were slaying me with their singing to SingStar Abba.  We HAVE to get the Michael Jackson one and the Elvis one!  

I'm off to pick up a package from Aramex that just arrived.  So much for my long, long post. Have a great one and see you all later.