Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'M DONE!! I DID IT! First quilt finished in 2009!!

Ta da!!!  I finished my French Braid quilt last night/this morning.  I just took it out of the dryer and couldn't help myself and took pictures.  I know they could be better but seeing it is 3:33am on Wednesday, July 15th; well, this is what I got! 

I'm SO proud of me!!  I have renamed this quilt:  RASPBERRIES AND CHOCOLATE

Two of my girls.  This is when Amal got down and helped me baste the quilt.  I made the binding and was measuring it around when Uki made her appearance.

Here it is.  The finished top.

A close up of all the goodness!

This is the first time that I pieced my backing.  I really super like it! I can't keep Uki off it either.  Peach?  Where are you?

Here is my attempt at taking a photo of the binding.  I have since taken off those stray threads.


nima said...

wow...that looks fabulous....

mirage said...

Fantastic job, well done! Now get some sleep!!!!

Alia said...

Thanks Ladies. Busy today with cooking for the family so hope I get some time tomorrow to start working on the next one!