Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Giveaway News...

Hey All,

I have recently learned the difference between posts and hits to my blog.  I have a counter and was so worried that I was racking up numbers every time I get on my own blog to read comments or to edit or look around.  Well, since I had already announced a giveaway when I reached number 1000 on my counter, I will honor it.  However, once I have hit 500 posts (I'm on 145 including this one, heehee!) I will do another giveaway!  This one will be grander!!!  So, stay tuned and thank you to those whom left comments.

I will cut up some paper and write the names down (only four people played!!) ;( and have my baby girl pick out a name from a kuma (omani men's cap).  Ali is waiting for his uncle to come and pick  him up for the night.  I grabbed a photo from last October at my SIL's wedding.  That is part of my hennaed hand that is the photo in the main part of my blog.  This is my Ali in Omani dress.

Thank you to those that did leave messages and came to play with me.  Heck, I might just do another one at 250 posts!  

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