Thursday, July 2, 2009

Poor Peachy!!

A few days ago Amu found a blemish on Peaches' tummy.  On my birthday or Tuesday past, she started crying when she checked so we made the appointment and this picture was taken with my iPhone at the vet.  We had to put a collar on her so she doesn't lick the medicine off.  Poor thing!  Speedy recovery my Peachy!


Sew Chic said...

Oh i hope Peachy gets better soon

Alia said...

Oh thank you! I checked her belly this morning and it looked really good so I took off her collar and she was soooo happy! She immediately began to take a bath! Then, Amal put the collar back on to go and clean it (my bad) and she got clawed badly poor girl. Then, I took her in and cleaned her and she growled! Then, I took it off again and she is so happy! Uki is so confused! I think she must have gotten used to her collar!