Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Reversible Quilt - DONE!!!

OMG!  Another project finished!  I'm so happy with myself I could do a dance and just might!

This is my Thanksgiving side.  Fall if you will.  Yes, I somehow manage to either cook or go to a Thanksgiving meal.  It is my favorite holiday.  My Mom was here last year for the first time in 14 years at Thanksgiving time and I was so happy, and we invited our Scottish friends (their first homemade one) to our house.  I have pictures on Facebook if you care to see, let me know.

The funny thing there was I offered for her to cook the turkey but she declined rather emphatically.  When I questioned her response she enlightened me that she has never cooked a turkey in her life.  Hmmm....I thought about it and that was my DAD'S or Papi, as we call him in Spanish, job!  Just a funny little side to a memory of mine!

This is the Christmas or those colors for the holidays!

This is a technique taken from the book "Reversible Quilts", by Sharon Pederson. However, the class that was taught here in Muscat was by a famous British Quilter named Lynne Edwards. What a delight she was/is!  I thoroughly enjoyed that! 

The only bummer on this is, if you all don't already know, I hurt my right forearm years ago with Hardanger, if I don't take it easy or if I do too much hand sewing, it hurts like hell for a long time.  Plus, my hubby has severe acidity in his tummy and has been asking me to make fresh ginger juice.  The pressing of it and scraping of it on the garlic press is killing my arm! That is why I gave up my love of hand quilting and am just now getting to the point where I am machine quilting.  Anyhow, I had to only finish the binding on this little baby but let me tell you, it is an extraordinary technique!  You do a double binding.  It finishes a bit thicker than I like but I go with the flow.  I was thinking I just might make it thinner if I ever attempt this technique again.

So, the sashing has to be sewn on one side and then hand stitched to the other side to complete it and then the binding.  Lots of hard time on my wee little arm.

Thanks for stopping by!


nima said...

wow...awesome...awesome.....that looks fabulous.

Laila said...

Well done! Keep them coming, this time next year you'll nearly be done. I can't wait for the kids to be back at school so that I can get going.

Alia said...

Thanks gals! Now, I have to, now that I found the instructions, begin again on my Mystery Quilt which is my summer challenge. I need to start on that.

Do you guys ever wish you had two sides to your binding? Say the front is pink and the back of the quilt is yellow? Just work with me here....I was thinking of doing my first tutorial on double sided binding like I just did. It will take me a while as I need another example but do you think that you would like to see that????

mirage said...

wow, excellent work Alia. Will you bring it along to our next meet up (along with your other finished one) so we can go ooooh and aaaahhhh

Alia said...

Thanks! You want me to bring Raspberries and Chocolate and this Reversible one? No problems.

Colette said...

Alia your quilt is just beautiful and such gorgeous colours too, maybe one day I will be adventurous enough to try and make a reversable quilt.