Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This is my last post for the day.

When we came home from, aw man, I gotta post about this!!  Tomorrow.  My kids had a class at PDO today and I will take pics and post tomorrow what they made.  After we left, we went to eat at the new New York 5th Street Deli and I almost passed out at the price.  I got tired and we went home and the kids put in Freej.

This is a delightful Arabic cartoon that is only shown on TV (maybe not anymore) during Ramadan.  After Iftar and praying, we sit down on the couches and watch this half hour show. It is about four old ladies in Dubai and they are sassy and funny!  The video has come out and has English subtitles and we enjoy it so much.  The kids understand so this is a good way to reinforce the Arabic that they have learned.  They don't follow everything but today Amu's back was to the TV and she was in my room and Ali was on the couch and they both started laughing really hard at the same time so I understood that Amu understood and that makes me feel so good.  Whew. 

Lots more to post tomorrow and now Amal wants 'tasmine rise' for dinner!

Off I go....to be a good Mami.

Stay tuned....tomorrow something VERY exciting will be posted!

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