Friday, July 24, 2009

Ever Google Yourself?

Hey, I haven't started cooking dinner yet. I'm making Chicken Paprikash with homemade Spaetzle! Yummy!

I went into the garden to watch my hubby playing with his new remote (er hm...Ali's new remote) control helicopter and airplane. I wasn't interested in that action but the fact that he was wearing my daughter's very girly crocs. He is so funny that way!

So, then, I come back inside and am playing around on my friend Mayya's site trying to post to no avail and my daughter bangs on my window and asks me to come out.

We recently found out that Lizzie, our tortoise #1 loves, loves, LOVES, cauliflower! So, I took some pics of her chomping away.

We have slugs, hm...maybe I should photograph them too, but we put medicine down and Amal is outraged that it is near where the tortoises love to dwell. So, she pulled Flash, our tortoise #2, away and I took pics of her running back to her spot and caught the picture with her just diving in her dug out!

Then, Amu found a worm! Who knew? A worm in the Middle East! So, I photographed that!

Then, for some strange reason, I recalled that my BIL was telling me last night that he googled his name and up I came and he read an article about me and so I did the same and found this! Read up on me being the Classic Quilts and Quilting Featured Quilter of the Month from a few years ago. Any changes? Yep, had eye surgery and no longer wear the glasses! Don't wear that head scarf anymore either!


Sew Chic said...

Hey Alia

Read the article and wow your hubby's quilt is wonderful and to think that was your first quilt is impressive!

Still have trouble with posting in the forum?!What seems to be the problem?

Tortoises didnt know u had one? My mum has i think 8 or 10 of them! Including the one she gave me as i gift when i was 8 yrs!

Alia said...

cool!!! not sure. i am supposed to be somewhere in one min and well, gotta run!

Colette said...

Oh wow I just love those quilts they are amazing. I started making quilts about a year ago and am loving it.
Yes i have googled myself and it appears I am a doctor, a teacher, a small child an old lady and many more people with the same name lol