Monday, July 13, 2009

New Hardanger Project!

Hello to everyone, this is going to be a long post as again, I am trying not to rack up the hits. Who knows, maybe I will win this giveaway?  Naahh, don't worry!

I am trying to figure out how to write and then post the picture.  Sometimes I like to write and then post the pic but it always puts the pic first.  Hmmm....  So much to learn.

Yesterday I had a dynamic group of ladies come over for our weekly Hardanger meeting. Unfortunately, four dropped out at the last minute and only four showed.  I like a smaller group as I can fit them more comfortably in my living room.  My kids were stellar as always; but as always, got sent to their rooms for physically fighting some time after the guests left! Then, after we all calmed down, the trickled back down to me.  We do like being together.  

Ok.  I hope to post a picture of my new Hardanger project next:

Ok.  I had to cut and paste the text.  Typical that I posted the pics backwards again!  Anyway, here is my ready to start on Hardanger fabric.  I am making Ali a frame.  I had made Amal that pink and white pillow but we are afraid that Peaches will claw at it.  If she does, you KNOW Uki will! 
Just showing you all how I have to zigzag the raw edges or they will be all frayed off by the time I get the Hardanger embroidery done!
 I took the pattern out of this book above.  I still had my stuff strewn all over the table so took a quick picture while the kids were slaying me with their singing to SingStar Abba.  We HAVE to get the Michael Jackson one and the Elvis one!  

I'm off to pick up a package from Aramex that just arrived.  So much for my long, long post. Have a great one and see you all later.


nima said...

wow...good to read about your new hardanger project. Do you get the 22 ct hardanger fabric in Muscat. I used to get it from Abudhabi. If you know any place in Oman please let me know.

mirage said...

This is all new to me?

Alia just write your text. Then add your pictures. Once they have loaded (they will just load at the beginning of your post) cut and paste each one where you want it. I find this the easiest way until I can get Windows Live Writer to work for me.

Alia said...

Nima: Unfortunately, we don't get hardly any supplies here in Muscat or Dubai anymore. We used to get from Kuwait too but now we order online or travel to the States. What exactly are you looking for for me to better guide you? Thanks for commenting.

Mirage: Hardanger is beautiful. I will bring two pieces next time. Ok. Duly noted on the pictures. I might have tried before but will certainly try again! Thanks.

nima said...

I used to get it from Green branch, Abudhabi. Last time when i went there, they didn't have i was wondering if it is available in Muscat the 22 ct hardanger fabric. I'm working on my last piece of was wondering how can i get it other than odering online. If your hardanger group do some bulk buying please let me know. Thank you for the info. will keep an eye on your blog to see your progress on new project...Have a nice day

Colette said...

I'm waiting with baited breath to see what the frame will look like Alia. I too have been busy doing more designs to put in my shop, my latest is a little needlecase and scissor fob set