Monday, March 9, 2015

I finished my Hardanger piece and have the book!

Hi!  It's been so very long!  I have so much to share but have been so busy and also just uninterested!  I seem to get the 'instant' gratification through my IG account!  If you would like to follow me, check me out at @alia666.

For the 11 ladies that commented on this, I hope you see this!  

I finally finished my Hardanger Bargello table topper!! 
I've bought a table for it.
 I'm about to move into my new home and 
my college bound daughter claimed it as hers.

 That's ok!  I'll just borrow it until she settles into her own home!!

Now for the pictures!

Can you see the piece in the top center?  I followed the instructions exactly.  I used the same color threads and fabric and I stitched the same size.  No one in our Hardanger group made it smaller; but many of the ladies made theirs larger.  They are still stunning!

Thanks for stopping by.  Off to cook dinner…Shrimp Scampi