Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hardanger Bargello Table Runner Progress...92711

I have been working on my Hardanger Bargello a bit this past week.  Here is the progress...

They might be a lot of the same pics... ;-)

I'm excited to understand this pattern and how to read it.  It is coming along very well and I am getting bored of the flowers and might jump to the cutwork next week.  I shouldn't though!  I should finish the flowers, so let's see what behooves me!  I also had said that I was going to put it down last week didn't I!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I got an award!

I received this award from Izdiher.  Thank you!  With this award, I need to tell you all 7 things about myself.  Here goes...

1.  I love quilting, hardanger, and other crafts.  I like the process; the feeling that I am beautifying my home and MAKING it my home; giving comfort to my kids in quilts and making something from my heart to my hands for my friends.  I don't make and give a lot as it takes me such a long time to complete anything!

2.  I love cooking for those that appreciate it.  Having said that, today I made a Tuna Log and forgot to take a picture for the Farewell at Hardanger for Sylvie and Ali cooked dinner.  I like that too!  That someone else cooked and cleaned!

3.  I like crappy food.  Like what?  Like TV dinners that takes forever to chew; airplane food, popcorn at the cinema, cafeteria food (haven't seen this in the Middle East though).  My husband doesn't get it.  Even the kids don't!  I just tell them, 'look away and don't judge!!' hahahaha!

4.  I miss my Mom like crazy.

5.  I want to leave the Middle East sometimes.  I miss America.  I need to travel somewhere.

6.  I like to meet people and talk to them.  It is very hard to do that here.  I have been enjoying hooking up with my sewing friends again.  They feed a small part of my soul!

7.  I love working on the computer.  I am now officially setting up a blog for the Muscat Quilt Guild.  Approved yesterday, Saturday, September 18th.

I know that I only need 7 things but want to add one more...

8.  I have been losing weight.  Not enough.  But losing.  Wish me luck.  I need it.  To lose and your wishes!  Health people!!  Health!

Thanks for stopping by!  Love it!

I had a GREAT day today! How about your day?

What a great day I had!  I went to Hardanger (every Sunday) and sadly we said goodbye to Sylvie, our French wonderwoman!  She is incredibly kind and amazing and giving and one of those people that everyone loves!  I had tried to organize a group Hardanger/Quilting project with the group but it did not work out.  Hardanger takes A LONG time to complete.  In the end, everyone basically just did what they wanted.  Four of us got an eyeglass chain made for Sylvie.  It was made with garnets and Omani silver beads.  I wanted her to remember us on a daily basis and she L.O.V.E.D it!  She is wearing it around her neck.

From the left to the right and front row:

Rajashree, Anisa, Shirin (hostess) Sandra, Megumi

Back row:

Supriya, Sylvie (leaving ={), Moi (adjusting the scarf!)

Another shot.

Shirin surprised me to bits!  We had done a very 'Omani' themed wall hanging quilt with the Muscat Quilt Guild.  It has been a project we have been doing for a few years.  I haven't made it as I am married to it, ya know?  Not interested but for the expats, they will take it away as a nice reminder of their time here in Muscat.  I really liked the bed sized quilt and I think Shirin did a great job.  She still has some work left on it and it is very detail oriented and she has done a lovely job!

After I finished at Shirin's, I ran home (the kids were home sick) to check on the kids.  Hubby was home and never questioned where I was.  Heehee... I was home for about 15 minutes and then ran out the door and he asked where I was going and I told him I was going to a friend's house.

I ran out the door and did not come home for 4.5 more hours!  Ali decided to cook dinner but I had to go to the store to get the ingredients.  He made a lovely spaghetti with meatballs!  Wow, and, and, AND he cleaned up the kitchen!  Wow!  Whatever I did, said, threatened WORKED!!

He set the table too but a picture would have had to include both kids and neither wanted their pics taken!

So, now it is 9:25pm and I was entertaining a cup of coffee with a piece of cake (that Ali made!) but I weighed in 15 pounds less today so I don't want to gain just because I want a piece, ya know? Plus, I wanna sleeeeeeep!  I think I have mentioned before that I have insomnia!

Thanks for stopping by.  Really...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Last Hardanger update on Bargello Metallic until it's done!

I am going to show you a series of photos in their most natural light that I took this afternoon of the Hardanger Bargello project with the Metallic thread.  After this, I will not keep posting pics until it is done.  I don't want to frighten off my other readers!

So, comments are lovely and welcome as always! 

 It is really shaping up and I am very eager and pleased to see this project done.  However, my wrist is starting to hurt and that spells trouble for me so I need to put it down for about a week.  I need to let my arms and hands rest but I'll be back posting updates on other projects!

Thanks for stopping by...

On the left above, is the other flower.  So, you can probably determine the pattern.  There are two more three leafed flowers (or whatever they are called) on the opposite sides and then four of the larger flowers.  Around the center there will be open cutwork with Picots and Woven Bars.  Then on the outside double layer of Kloster blocks will be more cutwork.  Stay tuned, you will see!

This is the whole piece.  I will do all the above and then sew around the very outer edge to secure those stitches (all by hand too!) and then I will cut out the shape and there you have the completed project!

I couldn't resist this one with Ali zonked on the couch.  Both kids are fast asleep.  Amal feels worse and has a lot of homework and will be missing her Oud lesson with a new teacher tonight!  Oooh, stay tuned on that subject!  Lots of R.E.A.L.L.Y cool things happening for this kid in this department but I am not allowed to say anything until it comes to fruition.  Darn it!  Anyway, I feel like jumping into bed myself but will hold out and eat my chicken that just came out of the oven and finish the laundry and at least re-affix the crystals on the banner!  Oooh, so much to do!

Hope you all are lovin' life in your neck of the woods!

One flower almost done!

Ok!  How is everyone today?  I hope well!  I got the kids to school late ;-) (not my doing!) and am back home now.  My new part time maid is here and cleaning my house!  I am having my breakfast and posting two new pictures of my progress with my Hardanger.  Then, I need to get working on last minute changes/touches to my winner's banner and get that off in the mail and then I need to work on my Mystery Quilt!

So, busy days for us all no doubt; here goes...

The center bits need a really pretty pink metallic thread still.  I have a better idea of how this will look and thank you to all that commented on how this will be elegant and um, .... subtle?  Another word was used but I don't remember it right now...

A larger view of the piece and you can see my progress on my second flower.  I have two more like this and then bigger flowers!  I am really enjoying this!

Off to accomplish these things and What's On The Menu today?...

Baked Chicken with vegetables and a Green salad.  I think I will make it in my slow cooker or crock pot.  Hmmm....

Both babies are sick.  Amu is C.R.A.B.B.Y!  Bless her.  Ali is the one I have to worry about in the sense that he will end up in the hospital if it gets worse.  Here's hoping that won't happen and that I don't get sick!!

Friday, September 16, 2011


My friend Nola graciously shared some of her lovely Bakhoor with me before she left for University back in June.  The names are in English and Arabic and then there is a photo.  Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by.  I so wish that you could smell them.  My favorite is Ikhlas; the first one featured.

Don't laugh at my written Arabic!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hardanger Bargello Table Runner Progress...1011

After Sunday's Hardanger meeting; the ladies helped me understand how to read the pattern and I took pictures of Sandra's blue piece to follow along.

I'm really disappointed.  My colors do not have a huge contrast.  However, I am the only one following the pattern exactly.  I am using the same colors and size that the pattern dictated.  The other ladies chose fabric that has larger holes, bless them.  In fairness, I have to mention that one other lady followed the pattern as I am.  She was the first one and the rest of the ladies eventually made one.  Unfortunately, she passed away this year.  I remember hers was very pretty so maybe I should stick with this.  It is not like I can run to the store and get a different color.  I would have to order it online and wait, wait, wait.  I am not prepared to do that!  So, enjoy the shots.  My area of question would be the medium shade of purple.  It is too close to the lightest shade.

You be the judge!

You can easily see the darker shade in the middle.  You can clearly see the lighter shades.  Can you see the medium shade?  

I think it will all work out as I mentioned above.  You can vaguely see the three shades here.  Maybe my lighting is not good...

Still, I am pleased with my progress and have enjoyed working on this!  There is still so much more to do!

Thanks for stopping by.  Off to start a productive day!  Hope yours is too!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My New Favorite Band!!!! Young the Giant - "My Body" (Official Video)

I watched the 2011 VMA's last night and fell in LOVE with this new band (to me) they have been around California for a bit.  Love this song.  If you can get a hold of the VMA's and watch their performance of this song, it is why I love music.  It reminded me of going to concerts before I got married.  I remember back in the day jumping up and down to the beat and getting stuck between other people for a few seconds!  What a thrill.  I think now, I would hit them if they touched me!  Still, it is energetic and the lead singer is INDIAN!  Sameer Gadhi.  I really don't know much more.  I hope you watch and like them.

And oh, yes, I LOVE all kinds of music; but at the end of the day, I am a rock and roll chick!  Yeah baby!

A look over time....*weep, weep*

The kids started school last Monday.  Monday is our 'hump' day over here as the week starts Saturday and goes to Wednesday with Thursday and Friday being the weekend.  Pretty different, huh?

I wanted to post my pictures of the kid's first day of school when I got the idea to find as many pictures so you can see how they have grown.

I think this is Amal's first day of preschool.  We lived on a compound in Saudi Arabia during this time.  Ali was born there.

We jump to Muscat, Oman and many years later.  The kids were at an Omani school called Al Sahwa.  Gee, I am missing so many pictures but I gave it over an hour searching and am done!  Anyway, this looks like it might be Ali's first day of Kindergarten or KG1.  This is 2003.

The kids are still at Al Sahwa and because Ali has on a disdasha and kuma, the traditional Omani dress for all males; I am assuming he is in first grade.

I think this one is at Sultan School, still an Omani school.

Then, here we have their first year at the ABA, the American British Academy.  We are so much happier here.  Amal would be in 7th grade and Ali in 4th grade.  They kept him back a year due to how his birthday or where his bday fell on the calendar.  At first we were outraged but it has been better for him.

This would be their 2nd year at the ABA.


Their 3rd year, last year.  Look how much Ali has grown.

This year.  Wow.

So there you have a small timeline of my kids at school.  Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, September 12, 2011

spanish arabic fusion music-oud vs guitar

One of my very favorite songs for the last several months.  It is currently set as my ringtone.


Enjoy some more...

I love Ding Dongs!

My friend Karen brought me a box of Ding Dongs back from the US.  I was so surprised.  She came back mid August and mid Ramadan and it took a while before she got them to me.  In the meantime, her kids ate most of them!  So, she grabbed the four remaining ones and put them in a baggie and put a note with my name on it.  I was sitting here at my desk thinking I should be in bed but there is so much to do and then I grabbed my camera and snapped away.

It's a Hostess product and an experience for many Americans!

Yep, love these little guys!