Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A look over time....*weep, weep*

The kids started school last Monday.  Monday is our 'hump' day over here as the week starts Saturday and goes to Wednesday with Thursday and Friday being the weekend.  Pretty different, huh?

I wanted to post my pictures of the kid's first day of school when I got the idea to find as many pictures so you can see how they have grown.

I think this is Amal's first day of preschool.  We lived on a compound in Saudi Arabia during this time.  Ali was born there.

We jump to Muscat, Oman and many years later.  The kids were at an Omani school called Al Sahwa.  Gee, I am missing so many pictures but I gave it over an hour searching and am done!  Anyway, this looks like it might be Ali's first day of Kindergarten or KG1.  This is 2003.

The kids are still at Al Sahwa and because Ali has on a disdasha and kuma, the traditional Omani dress for all males; I am assuming he is in first grade.

I think this one is at Sultan School, still an Omani school.

Then, here we have their first year at the ABA, the American British Academy.  We are so much happier here.  Amal would be in 7th grade and Ali in 4th grade.  They kept him back a year due to how his birthday or where his bday fell on the calendar.  At first we were outraged but it has been better for him.

This would be their 2nd year at the ABA.


Their 3rd year, last year.  Look how much Ali has grown.

This year.  Wow.

So there you have a small timeline of my kids at school.  Thanks for stopping by.


Toni said...

Oh dear Lord, they are gorgeous. I can't believe how they have grown up and into themselves. So sorry school has taken them away. I know you had so much fun this summer.

Hugs from Toni

Anne said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly the children grow up? You have very good looking kids and I bet they enjoy school and their friends there.
Won't be long before they fly away from the nest Momma, enjoy them whilst you can!

Chick Flick Journal said...

aww mashAllah God bless them its so cute that you have a timeline for them!

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

Toni: It is so very nice to see you on my blog! We miss you here in Muscat!

Anne: Truer words were never spoken Anne. Thank you!

CFJ: Something tells me that I have already answered this but yes, the timeline is missing some years! Thanks so much!