Saturday, September 17, 2011

Last Hardanger update on Bargello Metallic until it's done!

I am going to show you a series of photos in their most natural light that I took this afternoon of the Hardanger Bargello project with the Metallic thread.  After this, I will not keep posting pics until it is done.  I don't want to frighten off my other readers!

So, comments are lovely and welcome as always! 

 It is really shaping up and I am very eager and pleased to see this project done.  However, my wrist is starting to hurt and that spells trouble for me so I need to put it down for about a week.  I need to let my arms and hands rest but I'll be back posting updates on other projects!

Thanks for stopping by...

On the left above, is the other flower.  So, you can probably determine the pattern.  There are two more three leafed flowers (or whatever they are called) on the opposite sides and then four of the larger flowers.  Around the center there will be open cutwork with Picots and Woven Bars.  Then on the outside double layer of Kloster blocks will be more cutwork.  Stay tuned, you will see!

This is the whole piece.  I will do all the above and then sew around the very outer edge to secure those stitches (all by hand too!) and then I will cut out the shape and there you have the completed project!

I couldn't resist this one with Ali zonked on the couch.  Both kids are fast asleep.  Amal feels worse and has a lot of homework and will be missing her Oud lesson with a new teacher tonight!  Oooh, stay tuned on that subject!  Lots of R.E.A.L.L.Y cool things happening for this kid in this department but I am not allowed to say anything until it comes to fruition.  Darn it!  Anyway, I feel like jumping into bed myself but will hold out and eat my chicken that just came out of the oven and finish the laundry and at least re-affix the crystals on the banner!  Oooh, so much to do!

Hope you all are lovin' life in your neck of the woods!


nima said...

Alia...that looks gorgeous with the metallics

Anne said...

That is so beautiful! I adore making Bargello quilts, and when I see you doing this in embroidery it makes me wish I could still embroider. (carpal tunnel prevents me from doing small stuff like embroidery)
I can't wait to see this when it's finished!

Anonymous said...

wow these are amazing i'm seriously jealous by your talent I wish I knew how to do that! beautiful colors on the quilts. and amazing details

Jean said...

I love the "peek" of the metallic thread. It's perfect. Just perfect!

BintElOud said...

Muy awesome! For me, yes? MAAAALLLLLIIIII 3;) (Im pulling a Ziyad) ;D And yes, thank you for staying Shh while the it's under wraps :*

Chick Flick Journal said...

i love the colors cant wait to see it when its complete! very prettymashAllah

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

Nima: Thank you!

Anne: Gee, I feel again that I have replied! I wonder if I am replying on my iPhone? Nonetheless, thank you and I have yet to make a Bargello quilt! I will be making a bargello block for an advanced sampler that has been sitting for a few years! Gee, I need to get back to that!

Deema: Thank you my dear!

Jean: Thanks! I wanted a bit of a teaser for you all!

BEO: Maaaallliii! So cute. Of course you can have it at some point!

CFJ: Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

simonetta fenaroli said...

ciao bellissimo il bargello purtroppo in italia non trovo schemi, saresti così gentile da inviarmi qualche schema con mail???: grazie

simonetta fenaroli said...

ciao mi piacciono molto i lavori con il bargello, purtroppo in italia non trovo schemi, sarebbe possibile chiedere a te se me ne invii alcuni via mail:
grazie simonetta