Sunday, September 11, 2011

More Hardanger projects from my buds today...

I went to my Hardanger Sunday group and really had a great time with these ladies.  As I had hoped; they helped me out on my next step on my project.  I snapped some pics of their work to share with Wendy and all my readers!

This is Sandra's Bargello in blue Lugana fabric with three shades of blue and a silver for the center of the flowers.

This is another flower in this round project that most of us ladies have done or are doing.  I am always 'late' on the bandwagon so finally I started working on it.

This peach and coral project is Naina's.  It really is pretty and I think it will be a table cloth?   Gee, I don't remember!

A close up of her work.  Thanks to Naina and Sandra in particular for explaining to me my next step!

This lovely table runner is Shirin's.  Isn't is GORGEOUS!?  She is almost done.  Do you KNOW how EXCITING this is for us??????

This is Supriya's piece.  I really like the white on the dark tan.  She is doing a really great job.  I think this is her first project.

Thanks for a lovely morning ladies.  Sandra, as always, you are a wonderful hostess and thanks for all the treats from Goa or Bombay?  Gee, I forgot!?


Chick Flick Journal said...

oooh these are lovely mashAllah. I love the prints and the color combination

Anonymous said...

this is has to be one of best prints I have seen..

Wendy said...

Wow! What I love about these projects is that they seem so modern. It must be the use of colour and the patterns, but they are so modern. Is Bargello a form of Hardanger too? Thanks for the pictures, I love looking at them. One day I too will be able to do that! (yeah, right!!)

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

CFJ: Thank you. These are my friend's pieces in progress!

Amu: which one?

Wendy: I suppose they are more modern with the infusion of color! Not even sure what Bargello means but we do it in Quilting too. In Hardanger you can Bargello. It must be the use of at least 3 colors in shades of one and then staggered to make that pattern. I had a really really hard time reading the pattern so had to be shown by my buds. Having the idea to take pics for you has also helped me in being able to see the stitches versus and black and white pattern! Yes you will be able to do these one day!

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

Wendy: I just got an update on yahoo groups and here is the link for the UK hardanger group!

Hope you connect with these ladies. I am not so active with them these days. Great resource and in your country! Yay!

Annie R. said...

HI- I just discovered your site and love your (and your friends') hardanger projects,, they are just stunning. However, it would be really great if you could name the pattern and source for them for those of us who might want to try them (or let us know if they are original designs). Thank you!