Monday, September 12, 2011

Pink Roses and Red Louis'

My husband walked into my Studio and scared the crap out of me, yet again!  If he was a different sort of man, he would get a sick pleasure out of it; but he never means to scare me.  He thinks I should not get scared when he either quietly walks in or barges in.  He can't grasp (bless him) when I KNOW the kitty is gonna jump me when I walk by; he doesn't get that I scream a loud, ear-splitting scream each and every time!  He just doesn't get it.  It's the thrill of being 'hunted', if you will, by my sweet and fun little Uki.  She gets me every time.  Funny thing is, she walks off as if 'she da man' and he is huffing mad!  Ah, life in this house!

When he walked in my studio, he handed me this little beauty from the garden.  I thought the season was over??  This little Rose is the perfect shade of soft pink.  It is perfection.  The scent is so beautiful!  I wish you could smell it; but for now, fat-free eye candy!

I took the above photo.  My sweet daughter took the rest.  She gave me a 'lesson' on lighting on my little hand held.  I thought she had a better camera than mine but mine is the nicer one.  It's just that this photographer is, need of some training??  Yeah, that is positive!  ;-)

Not a blemish on this beauty!

Moving right along.  I wanted to share these photos of my Louis Vuitton that my husband brought me back from Turkey.  I used it but here is the thing with me.  I don't like open purses.  I like to know that everything is safe inside.  This one is open.  I scratched it and freaked out so put it away for a few years  Needless-to-say, I have gotten over it.

I got a red Amouage designer bag for my birthday in June and my husband and kids were asking me where this one was.  I couldn't find it!  No I couldn't!!!  I couldn't even remember that I had this!?? This is not something one wants to 'misplace' or 'lose'.  I searched where I keep my purses and even downsized my stash.  No red Louis.

Then, Amal went searching for our old wedding dresses in my closet that we ended up wearing for Eid and she found it!  So, I have been using it since!  I get so many compliments!

My hubby thought it was a fake.  I can't tell.  It has the Louis stamp all over it.  I really like it.  I like simple and elegant.  I don't like buckles or flaps or metal all over the place.  Sleek, simple.

Love this detail or texture.

So there you have my foray into the fashion world.  The next designer bag that comes out will be featured here also.  Don't want them to 'feel' bad!

For those that asked, I slept 5 hours last night!  I'm gonna try to get a little kip in before the kids come home.  My new part time maid starts today as the other one fell through.  I hope she is lovely and we can work together!


Chick Flick Journal said...

i love the rose and the colors. hmm i like the bag but i like the black more and im not sure if this is a fake or not

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

Which black? I just talked to my husband and showed him all the details of the bag. It sure looks real and I asked him why he thought it was fake and he said that his Turkish friend said that he would no way find a real one. My hubby said he bought it at a high end shop and paid a good an fair price for it. I lost the paperwork cuz he bought it years ago for me. The fact that it has not aged in my closet for all these years is also a good sign! It is still so very pretty and smells of leather! Maybe a really good knock-off!??

BintElOud said...

Damn! I'm good! ;D Haha, I actually was impressed when I saw them up nice and big :D I'm taking them :*

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

Binteloud: Yes, you did a great job taking these shots. The very first rose is mine though! I think I used all your shots on my purse though except, no the one that is the whole frontal bag is mine. Take them, they have my watermark! Ha!