Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blog Headers thus far...

I hope to get my blog turned into a book one day!  I decided that it would be a nice idea to place all the Blog Banners or Headers in one post so I can see how I have grown over time in making these and see the creative advancement if any!  Also, I can maybe determine my style?

This is all I could find so far in my files.  January, 2011.  That is Peaches from the left laying on the little quilt I made for the girls.  The center of the kids and I is during Eid of last year.  Uki is next playing with a loose fiber from the carpet.  Then, when in the States last summer, we got this cool clay and Amal made me a little Colombian guy with his sombrero (hat), durana (poncho) and Empanada (Colombian samosa).  Under that is my new recipe at the time which was the Taco Soup.

Here we jump to April.  That is me at a Haberdashery shop buying 60 zippers for a project.  Then, Amal's feet and legs when she got henna for summer last year.  Me on my passport with my Mom coming to America from Colombia.  A pin cushion I made sitting in my Desert Rose bush.  I also used the same picture as my background, which was new to me.

Amal dancing somewhere.  Me when I covered for the very first time ever!  Ali holding a jasmine on the the first day of school.  He was little here.  Old pics!

I guess here I was trying to showcase some of my work.  On the left is my hexagon layout that I have yet to sew together!  A crocheted quilt that Ali wanted my mom and me and him to make but I ended up making the whole thing.  I need to join all those blocks and finish it.  I took a class in May, 2011 on this next picture of a Peek-A-Boo quilt.  I'm using it as a wall hanging with pics of the four of us and the cats.  I made my daughter this pastel 2.5" squares quilt I have yet to quilt.  I made Ali this scrappy 2.5" square quilt I have yet to quilt.  My Perspective quilt I made in a class with Lynne Edwards.

I doctored and changed the layout.

I think this is the first one I did but can't find the final copy.  I really liked this one.  We have Amal, the two cats, an applique thing I did, a cake I made, me and Ali after he cooked and complained his feet hurt.  Welcome to the club doll!

This is the last banner I have done and did not like the way it blended with the rest of the blog so I messed around with it and came up with what you see below.

We have Amal's Oud in my garden.  The next picture is just some of the Kona solids that I found in Dubai!  The Burj Khalifa in Dubai over New Year's.  Amal and Eden (visiting us from America) blowing kisses to Joshi the camel they had just taken a ride on.  Amal playing her acoustic.

Thanks for stopping by as always!


Anne said...

Very interesting to see the progression of your headers! I like the current one, and the first as well!

Chick Flick Journal said...

awww that would be an amzing idea <3

Anonymous said...

aww it's so nice! i love the idea and inshallah you will get it into a book<3