Thursday, March 20, 2014

I participated in my first 'real time' sew along!

Sew Together Bag Sew Along
Pattern written by:  sew
Sew Along Hosted by:  The Quilt Barn

Hi!  It's been a while again that I have been here.  I don't have many followers and less people commenting, but still I enjoy working on my blog.  

I have made some changes in my life and those changes will enable me to be more active on my blog.  I think.  I hope.

I don't do anything like my favorite ladies in blogland; such as produce A LOT and FAST.  I don't write patterns.  I don't write books.

I'm just a little ole gal that likes to create and talk about my kids, crafts, cooking, quilting, cats and whatever else is going on in my life.

So, thank you for stopping by; it would be really nice for my ego if you commented here!

I am pretty active on Instagram.  I saw a sew along for the Sew Together Bag that I bought off of Craftsy.  Oh Em Gee!  It is the coolest bag!

I did not take step by step photos but I have taken a bunch of my finished bag!  I really liked this project and had to figure out an easier way to do some of the steps.  Having said that, the directions are very well written and the sew along online gave the many visuals that was highly appreciated by me!!

I hope you enjoy the photos.

Both the kids said I used too many colors that don't 'belong' together.  I disagree.  I love the splash of color!  I like that they don't 'belong' together!!

My husband said I did a great job and gave me a suggestion.  This dude is really critical and brutally honest.

My Sew Together Masterpiece!

I chose this scrap and then read the directions many times and still did not understand.  Thank you, again, Heather and your Quilt Barn Chics for the detailed photos.  That helped me a lot.  I made a template of the one template because I plan to make more...

I was playing around with zippers.  Who knew that buying and playing with zippers would provide me with a 'high' so profound??!!...  

At one point, Uki demanded some attention so I started playing with her until she snagged my beloved zipper!

The bag is meant for your sewing items.  On one side of the inside main part; you can put a felt needle landing.  Yeah, a FELT NEEDLE LANDING.  I have never heard it called that before!  I call it the 'needle thingy'.

On the other side, you are meant to put a pin cushion but I put one of my brand spanking new LABELS!  

So, this project taught me new quilty terminology and inspired me to make my own labels.  Yay!!

Here I unzipped the zippers and yes, there is more color!  I love all my fabrics I used so it makes me happy to look at it!

And...ta-dah!!!  My finished Sew Together Bag from my participation on the sew along!

Thanks for stopping by!!