Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Henna Hands...

I got henna!  In this picture, it had already started wearing off.  You can see where my watch rubbed it off!  I signed up to make a hand with henna on it for a group project.  I used my own hand as inspiration.

I traced my hand onto computer paper and then figured out the nails and started to draw a design by looking at my own hand.

I chose my fabrics.  I used a white background with golden dust on it.  I chose plain muslin for my hand as I am white but did not want it to blend with the background.  I cut out the shape of my hand and then used fusible web and did it right the first time (yay!) and satin stitched it in place.

Now this next picture is so darned yellow!  My editing skills!  This is the completed hand.

Now I started eyeballing the design.  I couldn't judge well enough for the placement so I drew in the nails.  There are two types of henna here in the Middle East.  We have RED henna as in my picture.  There is also what they call SUDANESE henna.  This is black henna for the darker skinned people here.  I love the contrast of the black henna on my white skin.  I even mix the two!  So, for this project, I chose black floss. 

Here is a view of two fingers.

With nails...and yellow

The whole hand.  I had half a nail on the thumb but it looked funky.  So I colored it in more.  Still funky.  Filled it in all the way.  FUNKY.  Oh well.  It works!!  I used Sharpies.

The gal in charge of the project was very pleased.  I am very pleased.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tea Corner Snack

About three weeks ago the Tuesday Quilting group got together at Jo's house.  This is the day that Jo and Meg brought out their stashes and let me at it!  At some point in the morning; it started to rain!  Yes!  It does not rain too often here!  So, we left Jo's and Alice suggested this new place around the corner that we should try for Arabic Fatayer's (flat bread stuffed with either sweet things like honey and cheese or just cheese or savory items like different meats).  Well, this place was not open yet for business.  But next door was another little Arab snack place called Tea Corner.

We walked in and I recognized it from another branch.  We went in and looked at the menu and I started to talk to the guys working.  They were intrigued by me.  They kept asking me questions.  Typical questions like where am I from, am I a Muslim....

I was respectful but curt.  I thought I was rude but they did not.  Cultures!

Anyway, enjoy the few pics we took.  It was a really cool day!

Here I am driving behind Alice (you can not see her) and Meg in front of me.  The rain is such a welcome change in the weather.  It was really grey and cloudy.

Here are the two little guys, probably Indian, that were making our orders.

Here is Meg on the left and Alice on the right.  It was so very, very nice being around Americans for a change!  I miss us!!  The gals got this thin, thin Arabic bread with cream cheese spread in it.  It's quite filling.

Here are Alice and me standing outside.  We just could not get the guys to get a good pic of the three of us so Meg became the photographer for me! 

Then I asked Meg to get the name of the shop in the shot.  We are all quilters as well as scrapbookers!

I feel so short!

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Charity Quilts 2012

At last month's quilt guild meeting; we needed some volunteers to finish off some charity quilts.  I took two...

This one was quilted and just needed a binding.  I was provided with that too.  I meant to try a machine binding technique but ended up following my own tutorial and doing a lovely and snug binding.  My mitered corners were good too!

Here Uki laid on it as soon as I put it on the floor for admiring purposes.  She looks so very pretty amongst the little dinosaurs!

Here I laid the second quilt on top of the first one.  This one was handed to me with the top, which is lovely; but just a panel and a piece of batting.  I donated the backing which was a yellowish rose and did the quilting and binding.

Here Peaches came for the party.  They are so funny these two! 

I bought a bunch of stuff and it all came home in this ginormous bag.  Uki decided to sleep on it.

Peachy got comfy and Uki found her spot!

I did large loops.  There is something to be said about doing charity quilts.  For me, the joy of giving a child a little bit of comfort and happiness warms my ticker!  What also warms the ticker is trying some new quilting and/or some sort of technique.  Which is exactly what I did!!

Here is the second quilt.  There really is no difference except the binding is on.  I love my tutorial.  You should try it out and if so, let me know how you fared!!

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