Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mystery Quilt/Summer Challenge ready to quilt!!

I'm going to go ahead and share the photos of what I have so far with you all. Here is a picture of the finished top before borders. Ali was laying on his very cool bean bag of sorts so I laid it on him and he was thrilled. Still, he did not miss a beat on his show!

Here it is with the two borders on it. You can see Uki on the right hand side. She is so happy and hyper!

Yep, she took off and started darting all over the quilt. I was trying to get a good visual on it to see the final look and all.

She looks at me when called oh, so innocently! I did find little holes made by her claws in the top!!

Here she is with a little action. Did not really get any of her really digging in.

Here is the backing. I used the leftover bits from this block to make little pinwheels. Uki went to town on these pieces! You can see Peaches coming into the room and she too went bonkers on the pieces! I fell asleep and woke to her and did not get the camera in time!

Here is the completed backing.

My two friends helped me baste this morning. I went and bought nice threads to quilt with and shall get busy tomorrow! Stay tuned for the FINAL piece!

Oh, and I already made the binding!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm Still Here

I am here all. I got the Mystery Quilt/Summer Challenge (originally due yesterday, but extended til the 10th of October) top done. I was working on the backing when boom! I fell and sprained my wrist. Doesn't feel so good typing! I actually tried to post the pics of the top but it did not work so now have been debating if I should post the top or not. I got more time but with this injury, it sucks. So, I have some friends that will be helping me baste my quilt on Wednesday. I hope I will be ok by then! How are you all?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

1st block complete and sewn in the DARK!

Hi all, I am so bummed! The little light on my sewing machine burned out. I know, I know, I have the Bernina but don't want the hassle of getting 'to know him'. I just wanna get down and S-E-W!! So, I placed an order today for a new bulb and have gotten down and dirty. I was working and had to step away for a minute and when I came back; I saw this:

So, I let her sleep and tried to figure out how to take the little bulb out and find my paperwork on what to do next. By that time, Uki got down so I got busy again and made this:

It will be nice to see the complete quilt top done. I have ideas for the backing and the border and I am sure that I will stick to Stippling it. I thought about making some sort of star free motion design too though so the jury is out on that one just yet!

Tomorrow will be Eid al Fitr. This holiday is major for Muslims. I don't have to cook this year, thank God, but have other responsibilities. I will miss my daughter but she is having SUCH a great time! She called this morning to ask if she could open her Eid card today and if there was anything in it and I said "NO!" She was asking for presents and I told her to be grateful that her little butt is in MILAN, ITALIA!!! I did get her a present that is already on her bed! heehee

So, thanks for stopping by as always and please leave comments as they make me so very happy!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Clue #3 DONE!!

Here is clue #3. I have already begun putting the blocks together. Shall I show a picture of the first block!?

My daughter Amal left for Milan, Italy yesterday!

Yep, she is gone. I was just listening to Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here' and I thought of my girl. Of course, I have been thinking of her all day but it has also been really nice to spend some serious quality time with my boy! We went out for dinner last night and bought two pairs of solid gold earrings for two ladies whom are leaving tonight and then we looked at shoes for Amal and then we went to the Gap and bought Ali LOTS of clothes! Today we have been chilling and I got my third Clue done which I will post here I guess! No, I'll post separately.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One more shot of the Carry All Bag in the morning!

Ok, it is morning and I had this BIG, BRIGHT idea to hang the bag and photograph it WITH the kitties in there. I thought it would be fun but they would NOT cooperate! So, here is the bag standing alone. Ahhhh

Monday, September 14, 2009


Oh, indeed it has been a long time. Here are some pictures of my bag!

The day before yesterday, I was sewing the bag together and it dropped to the floor and Uki ran into it! I hadn't sewn up the bottom sides and just after I took this photo, she ran out of the side opening!

I had a REALLY hard time with the lining. Not putting it together, that was easy; it was the sewing around the edges and not getting caught up with the straps. I tore it out three times and finally had to baste both the bag 1/2" and the lining. That made it easier for me. I also did not like sewing the big 'x' on the handles. Cumbersome!

Here she is! Click on the photo to enlarge it. I put my very own label that I made on it too. First time I am using them!

Here is a closer look at my label. I am pleased with it!

Here is a little glimpse of the inside so that you can see the lining. It is light grey and the main fabric has a bit of grey in it as well. Overall, would I make another one? Yep! I enjoyed the whole thing.

Thanks for stopping by...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kids are back to school today!

Hi, not much sewing has been going on in my home as of late. Getting ready for today for the kids to get back to school! They were so excited and up on time and no fighting and everything was very smooth. Even the way to school was smooth without traffic. Ah, the first days of school! I am home and on this computer and need to tidy up because I am having company!! Haven't seen my bud all summer! I have lots to do today and seeing that I only slept for three hours, I will either catch some zzzz's later or get to bed early or both!

I can't wait to dig in to sewing and setting up a new schedule to go by. I miss my babies already and feel very strange without them. I am used to them with me all day and all night. I had them for about three months! I'm sure within time I will get myself busy and fill my mornings up.

I hope they have a smooth day!

Last night I took them to Subway for dinner. Ali and I were walking ahead of Amal and talking and he stepped in front of me and turned left and walked right into the glass window. HARD! He cried and cried, poor baby. Amal and I laughed and laughed! Of course, I did the mommy thing and checked him to make sure he wasn't bleeding or that his nose did not fall off! We got our food and went straight home. He has a bit of a bruise and is still sensitive to our razzing him, poor thing. Here is a picture of his forehead, nose and lip on the glass. You can see the reflection of the kids ordering their food.