Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm Still Here

I am here all. I got the Mystery Quilt/Summer Challenge (originally due yesterday, but extended til the 10th of October) top done. I was working on the backing when boom! I fell and sprained my wrist. Doesn't feel so good typing! I actually tried to post the pics of the top but it did not work so now have been debating if I should post the top or not. I got more time but with this injury, it sucks. So, I have some friends that will be helping me baste my quilt on Wednesday. I hope I will be ok by then! How are you all?


nima said...
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nima said...

Alia....take rest...and don't strain too much with your wrist ..
You will be fine soon

Alia said...

Thank you Nima. It is feeling better but perhaps I can't really tell at 4:59am!!