Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mystery Quilt/Summer Challenge ready to quilt!!

I'm going to go ahead and share the photos of what I have so far with you all. Here is a picture of the finished top before borders. Ali was laying on his very cool bean bag of sorts so I laid it on him and he was thrilled. Still, he did not miss a beat on his show!

Here it is with the two borders on it. You can see Uki on the right hand side. She is so happy and hyper!

Yep, she took off and started darting all over the quilt. I was trying to get a good visual on it to see the final look and all.

She looks at me when called oh, so innocently! I did find little holes made by her claws in the top!!

Here she is with a little action. Did not really get any of her really digging in.

Here is the backing. I used the leftover bits from this block to make little pinwheels. Uki went to town on these pieces! You can see Peaches coming into the room and she too went bonkers on the pieces! I fell asleep and woke to her and did not get the camera in time!

Here is the completed backing.

My two friends helped me baste this morning. I went and bought nice threads to quilt with and shall get busy tomorrow! Stay tuned for the FINAL piece!

Oh, and I already made the binding!


Laila said...

ooooooh what a super star you have become!

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

well done, a huge quilt I can not imagine quilting it.

sallgood said...

What is it about quilts and cats? They just can't leave them alone! I guess they know a good thing when they see it!! :D
You stopped by my blog, and I wanted to say thank you for leaving such a nice comment!

Alia said...

Aw, thank you ladies! I'm hoping to tuck into quilting it today but with two sick kids, a dusty house, waffles to make, pick up of one kid from an uncles, cleaning out the deep fryer from yesterday's cooking and Gosh knows what else! Oh, it will take two months to get a bulb for my now discontinued Janome. Perhaps I really MUST BRING OUT THE NEW BERNINA!! Hmm...shall I take a chance and quilt this quilt with it? Eek! Have to have it done for the 10th! It is my Summer Challenge.