Sunday, September 20, 2009

1st block complete and sewn in the DARK!

Hi all, I am so bummed! The little light on my sewing machine burned out. I know, I know, I have the Bernina but don't want the hassle of getting 'to know him'. I just wanna get down and S-E-W!! So, I placed an order today for a new bulb and have gotten down and dirty. I was working and had to step away for a minute and when I came back; I saw this:

So, I let her sleep and tried to figure out how to take the little bulb out and find my paperwork on what to do next. By that time, Uki got down so I got busy again and made this:

It will be nice to see the complete quilt top done. I have ideas for the backing and the border and I am sure that I will stick to Stippling it. I thought about making some sort of star free motion design too though so the jury is out on that one just yet!

Tomorrow will be Eid al Fitr. This holiday is major for Muslims. I don't have to cook this year, thank God, but have other responsibilities. I will miss my daughter but she is having SUCH a great time! She called this morning to ask if she could open her Eid card today and if there was anything in it and I said "NO!" She was asking for presents and I told her to be grateful that her little butt is in MILAN, ITALIA!!! I did get her a present that is already on her bed! heehee

So, thanks for stopping by as always and please leave comments as they make me so very happy!


Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique said...

The block looks great and your cat is adoreable!

I am sure she misses you too and she will be back before you know it with great stories to share :D

Alia said...

Yeah, funny enough, now that she is there safe and sound and she is enjoying herself; I am at ease. Perhaps Eid and it's preparations are a part of it too. Busy, busy days!