Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kids are back to school today!

Hi, not much sewing has been going on in my home as of late. Getting ready for today for the kids to get back to school! They were so excited and up on time and no fighting and everything was very smooth. Even the way to school was smooth without traffic. Ah, the first days of school! I am home and on this computer and need to tidy up because I am having company!! Haven't seen my bud all summer! I have lots to do today and seeing that I only slept for three hours, I will either catch some zzzz's later or get to bed early or both!

I can't wait to dig in to sewing and setting up a new schedule to go by. I miss my babies already and feel very strange without them. I am used to them with me all day and all night. I had them for about three months! I'm sure within time I will get myself busy and fill my mornings up.

I hope they have a smooth day!

Last night I took them to Subway for dinner. Ali and I were walking ahead of Amal and talking and he stepped in front of me and turned left and walked right into the glass window. HARD! He cried and cried, poor baby. Amal and I laughed and laughed! Of course, I did the mommy thing and checked him to make sure he wasn't bleeding or that his nose did not fall off! We got our food and went straight home. He has a bit of a bruise and is still sensitive to our razzing him, poor thing. Here is a picture of his forehead, nose and lip on the glass. You can see the reflection of the kids ordering their food.


Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

LOL, sorry Ali

Alia said...

Oh, poor little fellow! He REALLY slammed hard into it! The funniest thing ever!

Colette said...

Oh the poor wee man that must have really hurt. Funny how we always laugh at these things isnt it lol

Alia said...

Bless his little soul! He is fine now! We went up to Subway again the other day and he made a really funny joke of being really super careful not to walk into the glass wall!