Saturday, December 24, 2011

"An Italian Evening"

 There was an Opera at the kid's school on Halloween!  How strange this year we did not get into any of the Holidays.  However, I did whip out all my Halloween quilts and some decorations.  Here it is Christmas Eve and nothing is out!  I called my Mom tonight and she is doing well.  So is my Dad.  So, I'm happy!

This performance was very interesting.  It is featuring:

Wilma Vernocchi, soprano
David Posnett, piano (and the kid's music teacher at the Sultan school)
The 'Muscat String Quartet'

The coolest thing, of course, was to meet Ms. Vernocchi!

Thanks for stopping by!

How to Eat a Shwarma!

It's Christmas Eve!!!!  Merry Christmas everyone whom is celebrating it!  My family high tailed it to Orlando, Florida!!  To Disneyland.  How fun!

I took pics a while ago of how to eat a shwarma.

I can eat two with a drink...

This is the bottom

This is the top

You take the top and rip it a few inches...

Uncover the bread..

Once the paper is off, begin to eat...

this pic is blurry...

this pic is better.  you have pickle, chicken (it comes with meat also), fries, garlic sauce, some places have tobasco, which i do not like.

take a drink.

oh, another bite shot...

once down to the paper, unwrap some more...



eat already!!  haha

all done!

eat the next one!! 

You are now a pro at eating what is commonly called THE ARAB TACO!!  


I'm back!!!!!.....

Hello Everyone!  How are you?  I've been away for so long!  Thank you to those of you sweet people out there that checked on me.  It was and is very sweet!!

I don't know where to begin to catch you all up!  I guess the best thing is just to follow the pics in my library!  How's that for a timeline!!