Saturday, December 24, 2011

How to Eat a Shwarma!

It's Christmas Eve!!!!  Merry Christmas everyone whom is celebrating it!  My family high tailed it to Orlando, Florida!!  To Disneyland.  How fun!

I took pics a while ago of how to eat a shwarma.

I can eat two with a drink...

This is the bottom

This is the top

You take the top and rip it a few inches...

Uncover the bread..

Once the paper is off, begin to eat...

this pic is blurry...

this pic is better.  you have pickle, chicken (it comes with meat also), fries, garlic sauce, some places have tobasco, which i do not like.

take a drink.

oh, another bite shot...

once down to the paper, unwrap some more...



eat already!!  haha

all done!

eat the next one!! 

You are now a pro at eating what is commonly called THE ARAB TACO!!  



Anne said...

Ohhhh, that looks delicious and of course, I'm hungry!!
I have missed you and was about to send out a detective to see if you were still alive and kicking!
So glad you are back. Please, don't leave us hanging again. :)

Jean said...

I'm glad to you again... I missed ya!!!!! That looks yummy! Might have to make me one. hahahahaah!

Anonymous said...

they look so yummy!! ;)

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

Anne: Thank you Anne. I will try not to. Life just took quite a turn there for a while!

Jean: Thanks to you as well! So sweet! I just got an idea that I should take pics of HOW they cook the meat for you guys that don't know this part of the world!!::

..::Amu::..: You KNOW they are! Are they much different looking in Q8??