Monday, July 19, 2010

Catch up time!


I cut Ali's hair!

Now my boy is back!

We are now in St. Louis, Missouri, where I grew up. I am visiting my best friend from college.
I have been sick for a few days with fever and diarrhea. I got rid of the fever today but the latter is still with me. Nonetheless, I am able to eat again and I bought some jeans for my beautiful daughter that fit perfectly! She has now lost 30 pounds! I am so proud!

So much is going on that I can not keep up with my blog! I will have plenty of downtime when I am back in Oman to catch up. Can you all believe that I still have not been to a quilting store? Gosh! Well, off to watch Glee with the family!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My birthday flowers and cake...

Here is my birthday cake that I made and the flowers that Waqar sent me from Oman. I got two bouquets and was wondering why. When I called to thank him; he was surprised that I got two and we deduced that he did not get confirmation on the first order so he ordered from another online company. He told me to enjoy as it cost him and arm and a leg!! Thank you Honey!

Here is the cake after most of us got into it. My two did not like the 7 minute frosting which is much like meringue. My Dad, sister and BIL and two nieces loved it!

Here is my piece. I really wanted coffee with it! I never put a thick enough layer in the center of my cakes for fear of using up all the icing or frosting! I put the fresh strawberries in there. Nice touch.

This was the white bouquet. It really is beautiful! The other one is a dozen roses in red, yellow, pink and lavender.

Zoo pics later...

Strawberry Picking!

We went strawberry picking the other day. By the time we got there and it was quite a drive; they were CLOSED for the season! We saw a very young nice looking guy and asked him about the sign and he made a call to his mom and they let us pick from an area close to their house by the field.

Here we are hard at work. Sofia, Amal, my Mom, Melina and my sister.

My Mom, my sister Sandi and Amal diggin' in.

The sky is gorgeous and the weather is just so comfortable and here is my Dad.

Here is the fruit of our labors. We consolidated all of our pickings into one bucket! It was enough for us and we did have to hunt for them. The season came early here in Northern Ohio and who knew they would give this to us for FREE!!!

I was so stoked that I wanted to pick blueberries! So, we headed in the direction we needed and it started storming! Not just raining! I guess you had to be there to appreciate this photo as it got really dark really fast!!

Back at the house; my niece Melina showed an interest in my hexies. So, I showed her how to baste them and she got busy! Bless her heart! She did a great job too!

The storm followed us home and see the rainbow! If you look REALLY hard; you will see a double rainbow!!! It was hard to see and hard to photograph!

We caught some lightning bugs or fireflies (this one is for you Farah!!) but I could not get them flying around lit up! Darn!

At some point, we were coming back into the house from the back balcony and Amal did not see the screen and walked right into it! We laughed and then she sat down next to my dad and I saw her face and realized that she was trying not to cry.

This is actually the first photo. From this, Mama could tell that her baby girl was bummin'.

Look what I got! My mom received this parcel from Michele! Thank you so much!

A 'squishy' of F A B R I C!!! This is for my hexagon project and I can't wait to tuck in!

There is so much more that we are doing and have done. I will try to keep them in order and post! Thanks for stopping by!