Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Day

I got purple pancakes made by my 13 year old daughter with the help of Betty Crocker!  First time she ever made pancakes!  When she called me to eat and I walked in the room; she said quickly, "I gave you the GOOD ones!"  That scared me a bit!  Nonetheless, she did a great job and perhaps spared me the 'bad' ones!  I ate and she served me orange juice too.  I mischievously teased her that part of cooking a meal is the cleanup and she was bummed but cleaned up the mess she made, bless her!  Thank you Amu!!
These are the most beautiful flowers my husband brought home for me.  Aren't they lovely??!!  I wish you could smell them.  It is so lovely!
He also had a bag with this in it.  Wow.  Yes, that is my neck!  Thank you Waqar!


Sew Chic said...

Aww you deserve it Alia

Why were the pancakes purple, is that you favoite colour?

That heart pendant is beautiful :)

Colette said...

Alia what beautiful presents you recieved and did you enjoy your purple pancakes, what flavour were they?

nima said...

wow...that is too cute and pretty

Alia said...

Hi Ladies! OMG, I have NEVER gotten three comments on anything before on this blog! I am beaming!!! To Sew Chic: thank you and when the kids were little, I always colored their pancakes. We never had any sort of reaction (as one friend was dire about!) so she remembered and perhaps was playing around with the liquid color. No, purple is much loved by me but not my fav. Thank you on the pendant! I have been wearing it since! Collette: I finally posted Hardanger! I thought of you! I hope you saw it! The flavor is normal, have never messed with that! Nima: thank you!

Muslim Hippie said...

happy birthday! what a special day you had.

Purple pancakes are only scary if they're not made by loved ones:) and look at that necklace. MashaAllah!