Monday, July 6, 2009

Ali, my little helper!

I was cleaning up the other day and had been wanting to find a container to put some Jasmine Rice in as well as some other dry goods.  Cleaning out your cupboards is groovy because you find things you forgot you had!  So, I found this container and asked Ali (after I washed and dried it, of course!) to put the rice in and write Jasmine Rice and this is what he did.  He DID put some thought into it because he took the trouble to find pink and orange Sharpies (a gift from Toni, thanks!) and wrote it but I know he can spell so I have to assume that he did not pay that close of attention to what he was doing!  How adorable!

I got a new signature!  You can follow here.  This is the first post with it so I can't wait to see it!  I have lots more to come and I found the 'stuff' for my giveaway and need to get to it!


mirage said...

nice signature, and nice rise too ;-)

Alia said...


Colette said...

I love the new signature :o)
Arent kids just the greatest lol we love rise too lol

-girl from the bush said...

hi alia, wonderful signature. To get the bookmark just go to this link; jenny is her name and she has other wonderful freebies to stich also just scroll down her freebie list . sue~n.z. p.s. love the purple pancakes.It's my birthday this week the big '50' just 25 again i say! ha! ha!