Sunday, July 12, 2009


I don't want to do so many posts but it looks like I will just from all that I want to say and show.

First of all, HELP LADIES!, my beautiful daughter was inspired by my new friends that met last week. We call ourselves the Crafty Mamas! Check out their blogs at Laila's, Mayya's and Isra's. I took my kids over to Isra's place and Amal was so moved that she declared today during my HARDANGER morning that she wanted to make a quilt. So, please advise me on what a good pattern would be for her to start with!? She wants to start it and finish it before school starts on August 29th. She doesn't like following instructions and is very creative. She said that the quilts that I do are too complicated but doesn't see my fabrics to shop them. They are put away in hard to reach places. I told her that I would take her out to buy some. She wants it to fit her bed. (A custom made slightly larger than an American twin). Help!!


mirage said...

Way to go Amal!! Woo-hoo. I think a coin quilt with sashing should be a good start for her, if maybe that is not creative enough does she aspire to different blocks. or why not let her design what she likes. Alia if scroll back on my blog, a few months ago I posted a link to zillion free quilting patterns on the web, maybe let her have a look through those? Could she make it from scraps? I would be happy to contribute. Yay another crafty chic!

Sew Chic said...

Amal welcom to the Crafty Mamas!
I must admit it was very inspring to see you all quilt. I hope to be able to make them for my girls.

I would love to see what tutorial you end up choosing for her, this is exciting!

Alia said...

Mirage: Thank you. We will go back and have a looksie at your links! Thanks for that. She also picked the stacked coins and has now gone deep into blogland!

Sew Chic: She thanks you! If this 'teaching' goes well for Amal, insha'allah, I can teach you too! Hey, great idea for documenting it and posting it! Great IDEA!! Shukran!