Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ali made dinner the other night!

Hi!  How ya doin'?

I am such a proud mama.  My Ali started a Junior Chefs program at the local culinary institute!  Amal, my daughter, starts this Thursday.  Remember, the weekend here is Thursday and Friday!  So, I took Ali last week to his class and he was so good because at 12 years old; he wasn't so happy going solo without a friend or knowing anyone there.  I wasn't worried because he is easy going, helpful and would be fine.  He was also a little worried because his age group is from like 8 to 12 and he is 12.  He towers over everyone even the teachers!  As soon as we walked in he saw a friend.  He went right over to her and said hi.

Ooh, this is off topic a little bit, but I have to tell you all!  About two weeks ago, he was invited to a little boy's birthday party.  He was also turning 12.  He did not want to go and I talked and talked and talked to him trying to encourage him to go anyway.  He stated that no one likes this guy.  He is new to the school.  He is different.  None of his friends were going.  He was feeling so bad for feeling like this.  He had me thinking the kid was green and with things growing from his forehead.  But nevermind, I have a very animated head.

He decided to go for the kid's sake and no one elses.  I said he might get to know this kid (picturing in my head that Ali was one of like two kids there) better or meet someone new.

Boy!  You could hear the noise level from the entrance to the compound!  There were SO many kids there from his old school, new school and neighborhood!  When Ali was getting out of the car, the kid saw him and his face lit up and he screamed, "ALI!  You're heeeeerrrreee!!"  That made my night and so I did not get mad when I ended up going in circles trying to get home!

Ali had the BEST time!  He did not get to spend much time with this kid but there were some girls from his class that he had a great time with.  And...he met a FOURTEEN year old girl from the British School!  Ooohhh..

This kid was in his cooking class!  So, he was very happy.  She is Scottish!

Now, welcome to my world of gab, gab and gab!  Such a long story just to tell you about this other kid in his class.

Wow, this is long!  Ok.  So, he was a little bummed when I picked him up.  There were a few things and I was all ears but pass me the grub man!  The kids, in three hours, made peach cobbler's in tiny cupcake cases.  They made these fish and potatoe things.  We often have these during Ramadan (the Holy month of fasting for Muslims).  The best part, they get to take it all home!

Two nights ago, I wasn't feeling so well again and he decided that he wanted to make these fish things.  I suggested instead of using the Hammour fish, that he should try canned tuna.  More flavor.  The ones he made at school were bland.

oh, oh, I forgot to mention that we got to class late and he did not get a recipe booklet.

So, back to the other night.  He got in the kitchen and I stressed to him that cleanup before and after was the key to Mami being happy.

Good God Almighty!  This kid, without a recipe, and from memory made these 'kabob's' PERFECTLY!  He did not hurt himself frying, first off.  He made a huge mess but cleaned it all up.  Ok, so I had to go after him and re-wash the frying pan and a couple of other pots.  I did not tell him.  He was so cute!  He got the taste perfect.  Just enough salt, coriander and lemon to enhance the flavor of the tuna and potatoes!  The bread crumbs stayed on and did not segregate (like my fried chicken when I made it at 12) and they were golden brown, nothing burned!

Once the kitchen was cleaned up, I got in there and made a salad.  I used spinach and gargar, ooh, what is that in the West?  Rocket?  Peppery green leafy thing.  Anyway, I put walnuts in too with cucumber, feta cheese, salt and pepper, tomatoes and chick peas.  Oh, here you go.  Here is a picture!

It took me a bit to figure out why they were so big!  He got bored making them smaller!  They should be smaller but we enjoyed them so much!  Unfortunately, my orange was dead inside!  yuk!

You can see my pin cushion WIP there with my Mystery Quilt paperwork!

Thanks for hanging out on this one!

Oh, P.S., he is SO excited to go to class this coming Thursday!  

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Vickie said...

What a fun family newsie post! Thanks for sharing! p.s. I think men make the best chefs, especially when you get the benefit of the cooking.