Monday, January 24, 2011

Pin Cushion Custom Order

Remember this post?  I feel so bad that it has taken a nudge from Cindy for me to get this on my blog!  So sorry!  Can you all believe it is already almost the end of January, 2011???  My oh my!

My daughter and I opened our surprise gifts on Christmas day and this is what we opened!!

Oops, first off, here is little Uki on her lamb skin watching the rain fall.  The window was open and the air conditioner was running but the noise of the rain perplexed the girls!  I made too much noise when I sat and prepped the camera so she is looking at me.  Darn the luck as she was intensely watching the drops of rain!

Here are the pin cushions that I had custom ordered from Cindy at the link above.  I asked for little sayings, soft colors namely pink and green and my daughter's name which is AMAL, which means HOPE in Arabic.  She got the Hope in there!

Then, my theme was coffee!  Imagine that!

Here is a close up of her Hope bit.

Here is a close up of my 'coffee'...

This is Amal's backing.  So pretty!

Here is a close up of my backing!  Love the coffee beans!!

Here is a shot of both backings!

Thanks for stopping by.  I have entered an internet Mug Rug Swap and have completed mine and need to blog about that!  No work has been done on the Mystery Quilt so I need to get busy on that front too!