Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My First Digital Scrapbook Page!

My first digi-scrapped pag!!  Oh, I see many more of these coming!  Once you understand the program, which is Picasa, and which I do all my photos after iPhoto; it becomes easier.  Well duh me!  Of course it does!  There is still so very much to learn and with the help of this amazing gal; I'm on my way!

I'm a little reticent though because I like to journal a lot!  I'm writing to myself in 50 years and I won't remember anything so I like to put down everything!  So, stay tuned actually because the more I look at this layout; I need one photo out or some journalling block.  Hmm...now to go and figure that out!

Now, I'm off to eat a very late breakfast!  I'm making my favorite South Beach soup, Taco Soup.  Mmmm....

Thanks for stopping by!

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Vickie said...

Oh wow! What a great photo page! I am going to have to check out picasa! The snorkeling looks really fun as I see darkness and snow out my window this morning! Hugs!