Monday, July 15, 2013



What should I buy?  I leave one city to go to another one on Tuesday and then I get to shop!  So far, it's been all for the kids.  I want to pick up some crafting supplies!  I bought a cute little Halloween panel and all the trimmings.  I bought some rainbow materials so that I can finally make a rainbow zig zag quilt following Angela's quilt along at Cut to Pieces.  Hey, maybe I can show you..

I hadn't picked out the lighter blue out yet.  Now it's packed as we are leaving soon.  I'm so excited.  I really wanted to use polka dots.  It will be fun!

Hey, I can show you the Halloween project...

Isn't it cute!!??  I am now doing a recap research of so many tutorials on how to make my own fabric labels and bought the stuff.  I want to buy more...

Funny enough; I'm enjoying food but not like before.  It could be that I should be fasting as Ramadan started.  I don't need to for one week, er hm....

My passion for food is not there.  Like before.  I just want three good meals.  I gave up soda.  Too easily, actually.  My friend that I am staying with and her hubby have lost almost 100 pounds.  That could be it.  Ali has lost 3 on their new plan!  Yay!!!!

Ok.  I better go.  I don't have much down time.

It's good to touch base.  You can find me on instagram if you would like at alia666.

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Jean(ie) said...

Alia, I hope you brought an empty suitcase for tall the fabric shopping. LOL! Enjoy your trip stateside! And have a safe journey!