Wednesday, September 18, 2013

From this to this!!

This coming Sunday marks the new season for the Muscat Quilt Guild!  We are to make a new name tag no larger than 4x6".  I thought this would be the perfect time to try out one of those techniques on my long list.  It frees me up from dreaming of making a larger quilt!

So, I love it when it goes from here:

I wanted to use my coveted last printing of Flea Market Fancy.  I wanted to use the entire line.  So I DID!  I started with a sketch.

Then cut into these beauties.  I positioned them where I wanted and tried not to cut too much more off.

Then I freehand quilted my name and the year.  I had white thread in the bobbin and black on top.  It came out mixed, which I like the look.

I used the rest of the line on the back.  I also used a stiffener as that is what I wanted.

All the glorious threads!!

All quilted and cleaned up!!

I did not want to cut further into any of the fabrics so I used a scrap piece for the binding in my scrap box.  I liked the yellow and as the white background has polka dots; I chose this one for the same reason and it matched!

I tried to sew the finished seam on the bias.  It was really, really hard.  I persevered and did it!  Perfection!!!

I am sewing on the binding.



Proper little Ticker Tape quilt!  Thank you Amanda Jean for the inspiration!

This is the backing.  I can't wait to show the ladies and see what they made!!

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