Sunday, October 18, 2009

I made a Book Cover for Ali - finally!

Well, it has taken me forever again to upload this and it is missing the picture from inside but damn!, I'm tired of waiting! I tried to pebble quilt this but it proved to be too much so I took it all out and then just used solid black for the inside pockets and used a red grosgrain ribbon for the bookmark.

Here is the missing photo! Now you can see the inside of the book cover. I'm really pleased with this. I did take out the knot at the bottom of the ribbon as Ali said he did not like that.

Here is the label that I put in on the right bottom side. I love it and more importantly, so does Ali!! Now, to make myself one!


Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique said...

I love it Alia its beautiful.
The fabric is gorgeous i am sure he will love it!

Alia said...

Thank you! I was starting to feel unloved by my girlies as no one had left a comment! I really feed off them!! He loves it and the kids have been impressed with it! Most importantly, he is on to his next novel!!

Middle East Nomad said...

This is such a great idea! Truly beats the ol' paper bag covers (although I could doodle on those in class :)

Anything that encourages reading is a good thing, and now his bookcovers will stay nice and fresh so they can be used later or passed on to other!

Keep up the creative project ideas,

Middle East Nomad said...


Alia said...

Hi Dot! Thanks for posting! He is enjoying it! I'm getting better and better at these but am still working out the kinks. I am going to try something really cool with them (this one will be for myself! I think?) and if it is what I hope it will be; insha'allah I will see about this design for the COD!! Don't tell Jill yet!! Shhh... Say hi to Mara!