Monday, October 5, 2009

A Gift for Shirly...

A really cool friend is leaving Oman. She is in my Book Club and is such an interesting and kind person. She hosted our last meeting and I just had to give her something! Handmade that is!! So, I made this and am so proud of it. She loved it and came over yesterday for a lovely visit and is USING it! That is one of the best feelings EVER!

The is the front of the cover. I put a label on it and I think next time I will put it inside the flap instead of outside. I really like it when I quilt them. This is a simple stipple. I'm getting better at this but still am perfecting it!

Here it is opened up. I love the fabrics! I have since learned that the grosgrain ribbon that I use for the bookmarks are not so good in that they slip. I think that I will continue to make homemade bookmarks as that feedback is better!

Here is my homemade label. I sewed around it as with time it will wear and fray. I still have to figure this one out too!

This is the 'personal' note on the back of the label.

Overall, I am really pleased with this. I'm spending more time on them than I should but am happy at their turn out.

Thanks for stopping by!


nima said...

wow...that looks awesome...with the label.

I love the personal note too...

Laila said...

Did you use the new machine? as for the pay it forward, I will still make you something. I have been hounding other blogs and contacting the people who left comments but weren't picked! Ho's about that for my forray in to stalking?

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

what a lovely gift. My birthday is JUNE next year ;-)