Monday, February 17, 2014

I joined a Flickr Bee a while ago and we are almost finished with the first round of 12 ladies.  We have been making two blocks a month and for some reason; my camera downloads black images and I think that is where some of the photos have gone.  For now, I'll show these:

Alice:  Swoon

This block was fun to make.  Lots of pieces.  The overall original design by Thimble Blossoms by Camille Roskelley,  is 24"!  That is one large block!  Alice made hers smaller at around 16.5" following Amy over at here.

Wendy:  Anything Goes

For Wendy we had to use Heritage colors.  That was a challenge for me.  I saw that some of her other blocks had purple and blue so I had been dying to make a spool block and did so.  She says she loves it.  So, I am happy.

Linda:  Depression Block

Linda chose the Depression Block.  I really enjoyed making this one.  I made two and therefore have started another scrappy quilt!!  You can find the block here.

Odette:  Dresden Plate using 30's Reproduction fabrics

Odette asked for this block to be made by hand as that is the majority of the work she does, using this tutorial.  She also requested that we use 30's reproduction fabrics.  Thank you Alice for bailing me out on this one!  I enjoyed this block.

Iris:  Friendship Circle Block

I have to be honest.  This block was my most difficult one.  I did not enjoy making it.  However, I really like the outcome and seeing the rest of the groups'.  Iris chose this block using this tutorial.

Eva-Marie:  Economy Eye-Spy

This was easy and fun.  The block is called Economy Block I Spy.  It is by red pepper quilts.

Kathi:  Circles with Asian fabrics

No pattern.  Just wanted circles with Asian fabrics.

Jo:  Chain

Jo wanted the Chain block from Quilters Cache.  She wanted purples (her favorite color) and black and grey.  This was a very easy block to put together.

Pam:  Right Hand of Friendship

Pam wrote out the directions for this block.  I, however, googled it and found a pattern for it that followed Pam's; but finishes at 8" versus the 12".   It was a little difficult to work with the floral print.  It looks great; but it only finished at 12" instead of 12.5" so I have to go back and see what I did wrong.
I'm so intrigued by this story.  It took place partly in my hometown of St. Louis.

Corinne:  Winged Square

Corinne chose a really cool block that is in one of my block books and I never looked at it twice.  She had us follow Amy Friends' During Quiet Time blog tutorial.  She provided us with the linen background and it was just lovely.  I screwed up and had some doubles next to each other.  Bummer.

Me:  Alia:  I chose the Scrappy Trip Around the World

I had been seeing this STATW for ages and loved it.  I love the technique and was piqued to try it one day.  This way, on a Bee, it should be easy for everyone.  I used the quilt ville tutorial for the Scrappy Trip Around the World.  My evil plan is to receive 11 from my Bee members and make a million more myself!!  Ok.  I have 20 up here on the design wall and 12 more blocks on my table plus I don't know how many more with strips I have yet to put together.  I like the effect but as I cut more scraps; it changes color ways which adds to the charm!  I'm so pleased!!

I just have one more to make but I am so busy making a million of my own!  I will get to hers.  Stay tuned!!!

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PeterL said...

lovely to see your blog again. I presume the muscat quilters blog faded away.
Life has been hectic but now settled into retirement and the house looking homely. Just put up my favourite one on the wall.
Yu are s busy as ever, miss you.
Much love jean (and Hannah).