Tuesday, June 17, 2014

XO Mini! Done in two days!

I've been seeing so many mini's on Instagram and Blogland that I realized that all those techniques or patterns that I want to make quilts out of and will never get made; well, I realized that I could make minis!  So, here is my XO Mini...

I started cutting scraps.  My scraps only multiply.  I can never get rid of them!  I grabbed two shades of 8 colors and cut 3" squares.

I then took a decent sized scrap of white and cut out 1.5" squares.  I needed to draw on the diagonal so I put them on the line.  It did help in accuracy but who has the time man?

When I positioned them onto the square, I used our local glue to hold the tips on.  They would be trimmed off later anyway.

Just this much and it worked great!

Then Uki decided to come and take a bath on my work table.  So cute!

When all my stuff was put together, I went to the machine and string pieced it.

I flipped it over and did the other side without cutting any threads.  Then I laid them out on my cutting matt and clipped those threads.

When my Mom was here I started watching a Mexican soap opera.  I got so caught up in it that I did not realize that I sewed and cut the little white corners to the wrong side.  Ugh, I had to unpick all that.

Then I put the glue in the seam allowance which demanded a little bit more precision; but works just as well.

I laid out my pieces and moved them around.

Then I went back to the scrap bin (I have three) and found a piece of batting.  I preceded to cut it into wide enough strips and then trimmed them down so my edges would sew together nicely.

I then got my book on my machine and looked up the zig zag stitch and foot and once that was done; I started to sew the batting strips together to become one.

I found that I had a hole and decided to go for it and resew the zig zag.  Yah, once I put all that away.

The ends don't matter as they will be cut off but the three pieces made one piece and therefore it is usable to be my batting.

I layered the backing, batting and top and began a simple quilt 1/4" inside each thing.

After I was done, I had to hide all the loose threads.  I did that by pulling the top thread to the back and tying a knot and then threading it to a needle and running the knot through the back.  I don't like this part.

I grabbed yet another scrap and made binding.

Once the binding was sewn on; I was stitching it down.

I hand sewed my label to the bottom right corner.

and voila!!!!

For some reason, I did not take a picture of the backing with the hanging sleeves.  Trust me, they are in there.  

I have a person to give this to but I made it for myself and I did a very good job, if I might add!  I haven't decided.  

Quilt measures 10.5" square.

Off to a concert....

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