Saturday, April 4, 2015

Corrected Hardanger Tutorial for Picots!

One day I opened my emails and a woman made a comment on my YouTube video that I uploaded two years ago saying that I had made a mistake on my Hardanger Tutorial.  I called what was a tutorial on how to make Picots, well I called them Eyelets.  How I did this I do not know!  *insert blushing embarrassed face*.

Well, five days ago we moved to a new house.  There is a lot of work being done such as changing out the flooring throughout the house and custom built cabinets and a table for my SEWING ROOM!!  Gee, I am a lucky girl!  We are having some very strong men dig out a pool in our backyard right now.  Right now we have to move everything to God knows where as the men arrived to lay the flooring downstairs.  So….
I'll try to finish up here by posting the video.  It has a little bit more personality to it.

Thanks for stopping by.  Ok.  I can't upload the video.  It is too long.  So, I'll post a link if you are so inclined to watch it.  I'm just really proud of myself because with a little bit of uninterrupted time and silence I was able to sit down and give it my all to learn how to edit a video.

Hardanger Tutorial:  Picots

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